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2011-12 Press and Media

Cyprus Mail (20 July 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay was quoted in an article entitled: "UNFICYP to remain a further six months" Article

The National, United Arab Emirates (1 July 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay was quoted in an article entitled "EU focus on Cyprus blurred by division" Article

Monocle 24 (5 July 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay gave an interview about Cyprus seeking a bailout from the EU and Russia. Podcast

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation Radio 2 (26 June 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay gave an interview on the tensions between Turkey and Syria.

European Voice (21 June 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay was cited in an article entitled "An Island of Alliances and Division" (focus section on the Cyprus EU presidency). Article (25 June 2012)
Dr Spyros Economides gave two interviews on Serbia, Kosovo and the EU/ Article 1

Regional Cooperation Council
Dr Will Bartlett was interviewed regarding the technological changes to transform the European economies over the next decade Interview

RTS- the Serbian national television channel (17 February 2012)
Dr Spyros Economides and Dr James Ker-Lindsay featured in a documentary on 200 years of Serbian diplomacy. Video

The National (17 February 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay was cited in an article discussing the expansion of diplomatic and economic ties between Cyprus and Israel: "Israel finds a new friend in Cyprus" Article

Voice of Russia (17 February 2012)
Dr James Ker-Lindsay gave an interview on the developments in Kosovo.

Coverage of the Eurozone Crisis and Political Developments in Greece & Cyprus

Dr Monastiriotis gave a live radio interview to Vanessa Feltz at BBC London 94.9 on the Cyprus bailout agreement. (18/3/2013)

Dr Monastiriotis was quoted in an article by Andy Dabilis for the Southeast European Times entitled Austerity Drives Down Greek Deficit (18/2/2013)

Dr Monastiriotis was quoted in an article by H. Quasem for The Straits Times, Singapore entitled Changing face of Greece's middle class (23/2/2012).

Professor Kevin Featherstone commented on Europe's bailout package for Greece in an article posted by the Washington Post (21/2/2012)

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis did a live Radio Interview for the Voice of Russia (US Edition - Washington DC) commenting on the agreement of the finance ministers to a 130 billion Euro rescue for Greece (21/2/2012).

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis gave an interview to AFP International Reported on 14/2/2012 in MSN News, Philippines; UOL Noticias, Brazil; El Mercurio, Ecuador; Terra, Colombia; and others.

Professor Kevin Featherstone appeared in an NBC's Nightly News video on the Greeks being furious over austerity bill (14/2/2012).

Dr Monastiriotis published an article in the Greek Newspaper Kathimerini entitled Colourful Nonsense (8/2/2012). The article was also published in English at the Greece@lse blog (7/2/2012).

Dr Monastiriotis  gave an interview to Christos Pagonis about the Greek debt and the PSI negotiations in his programme "Harin Oikonomias" at NET 105 the radio of the Greek national broadcaster, ERT (6/2/2012).

Dr Monastiriotis was quoted in an article discussing the PSI of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita,805923-Grecja-na-ostatniej-prostej.html (3/2/2012).

Professor Featherstone's latest article for Kathimerini entitled Fog over the Channel, Europe cut off (22/1/2012).

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis gave a live interview to 'SKAI Now Programme' of SKAI TV Greece, discussing the prospective PSI agreement in Greece and the wider prospects of the economy (starting at 1:03:30). An excerpt of the interview was also broadcast on the channel's evening news bulletin at 21:00 (13/1/2012).


Danas, Serbian Daily (15 December 2011)
Belgrade Needs Realistic Kosovo Strategy
Dr Spyros Economides comments on the need for Belgrade to have a coherent and viable Kosovo strategy in order to improve its prospects for EU candidacy.
Full Article (in Serbian)

The Economist (10 December 2011)
Call it what you want: A legal victory for Macedonia looks hollow
Dr Spyros Economides comments on the recent International Court of Justice ruling on the unresolved dispute over the name "Macedonia".
Full Article

Politika (December 2011)
Ker-Lindsay: Do not give up on the EU
Dr James Ker-Lindsay was interviewed by the leading Serbian daily, Politika, on the eve of the European Union decision on whether to grant Serbia candidate status.
Full Article (in Serbian)

Danas, Serbian daily  (14 October 2011)
A Realistic Plan for Kosovo could see Serbia Progress on its Path to EU Accession
Dr Spyros Economides is interviewed by the popular Serbian daily on the connection between the recognition of Kosovo and the EU accession process. Dr Economides told the paper that "Serbia has an opportunity to be proactive and to submit by December its own proposed solution for Kosovo, a detailed, realistic and implementable plan, such as the strengthening of autonomy for northern Kosovo and special status for religious sites"
Full Article (in Serbian)

The Media Line (11 October 2011)
Waters Roiled in Eastern Mediterranean
Dr James Ker-Lindsay comments for The Media Line on tensions between Cyprus and Turkey: "The problem is when you have posturing and it's being done with warships and fighter aircraft there is always the risk it can spin out of control."
Full Article

Bloomberg (9 October 2011)
Erdogan's Fighter Jets Challange Cypriot Gas Exploration in the Mediterranean
Dr Ker-Lindsay comments for Bloomberg on the latest tensions between Turkey and Cyprus over energy resources in contested territorial waters.
Full Article

Blic Online (3 October 2011)
Kosovo Partition?
Dr James Ker-Lindsay is interviewed by Serbia's most read daily on his view of the current situation in Kosovo and prospects for change in the future.
Full Interview (in English)

Danas, Serbian daily (28 September 2011)
EU to press Serbia after latest Kosovo violence
In an interview with prominent Serbian daily, Danas, Dr Spyros Economides emphasises the likelihood of fresh EU pressure on the Serbian government following the latest violence in the north of the contested province.
Full Article (in Serbian)

Serbian State Broadcaster- RTS (22 September 2011)
Kosovo: the path to contested statehood
Dr Ker-Lindsay launches the Serbian language translation of his book Kosovo: the path to contested statehood in Belgrade. The event was covered by RTS.
Full Article (in Serbian)

The National (19 September 2011)
Turkey Rattles Sabres over Cypriot Natural Gas Drilling
Commenting for The National on the dispute over energy resource exploitation between Turkey and Cyprus, Dr Ker-Lindsay suggests that "Cyprus is perfectly within its legitimate, sovereign rights to engage in this [energy exploration] activity."
Full Article

Deutsche Welle (8 September 2011)
US caught out by speed of escalation in Israel-Turkey crisis
Dr Ker-Lindsay comments for Deutsche Welle on the developing diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel.

Bloomberg Markets Magazine (23 August 2011)
Turkey Boom Lets Erdogan Take Up Masterpiece
Dr James Ker-Lindsay comments on Turkish foreign policy, "Maybe Turkey is just getting to the point of saying, 'We don't want to join the European Union.' Frankly, if you look at the mess that the EU is in at the moment, it doesn't look that alluring."
Full Article

RFI (8 March 2011)
Ground-breaking Talks between Kosovo and Serbia Begin
Dr Spyros Economides comments on the start of talks between Kosovo and Serbia for RFI: "Both sides have made it very clear that they want these discussions to start at a rather low-key level. Certainly the EU - which is mediating these talks, which has brought the two parties to the table in Brussels, where this set of dialogue is going to commence - wants to ensure that the dialogue is up and running before any sensitive issues are touched upon"
Full Article

Dr Spyros EconomidesPolitika (14 February 2011)
Kosovo in Danger of Becoming Frozen Conflict
Dr Spyros Economides gave an interview to Politika about the role of the UN in international politics and the prospects for reconcilliation over Kosovo. Dr Economides' latest book "UN Interventions 1991-2004" is also currently being published in Serbian.
Full Article (Serbian)

Politika (4 February 2011)
Serbia Coping Well
Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis, Senior Lecutrer in the Political Economy of South Eastern Europe, was interviewed on Friday by Politika, the best known Serbian daily. The topic of the interview is primarily the state of the Serbian economy after the global economic crisis.
Full Article (Serbian)

Tha National, United Arab Emirates  (24 January 2011)
Mediterranean Gas Finds Have Cypriots Dreaming of Riches
Dr James Ker-Lindsay, Eurobank EFG Senior Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, was cited in this article in The National regarding disputes over energy rights between Turkey and Cyprus.
Full Article

BBC News (17 January 2011)
US and EU Disagree over Kosovo?
Dr Ker-Lindsay, Eurobank EFG Senior Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, is interviewed by the BBC Serbian Language about the effects of the organ smuggling scandal on the prospect of fresh talks between Belgrade and Prishtina and on EU and US policy towards Kosovo.
Full Article (Serbian)
Now available in English on B92


Coverage of the Eurozone Crisis and Political Developments in Greece

  • Professor Kevin Featherstone was quoted in an article by Tom Geoghegan  for the BBC News website entitled Who, What, Why: What can technocrats achieve that politicians can't? (14/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides gave an interview to Kudashkina Ekaterina for the Voice of Russia discussing What is basic problem with Eurozone (13/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides was also quoted in an article by the Maclean's Magazine in Canada entitled Acropolis now: Greece may be just the start(11/11/2011).
  • Dr Economides was quoted in two articles published by Bloomberg  entitled New Greek Premier Goes From Harvard Into the Breach and Greek Unity Deal Is in Disarray Amid Squabbles (10/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides commented on the unfolding political crisis in Greece for the Breakfast programme on BBC Radio 5 Live (10/11/11).
  • Dr Spyros Economides gave an extensive interview to Silio Boccanera for the Brazilian Television channel GloboNews on the broader implications of the Greek debt crisis (10/11/11).
  • Dr Spyros Economides gave his opinion on the Greek crisis and its European implications for ABC Radio, Australia (9/11/11).
  • Dr Monastiriotis gave an interview discussing the economic crisis in Greece on BBC Radio 4 in The World Tonight Programme (9/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides was interviewed by France 24 on the search for a Greek Prime minister (9/11/11).
  • Dr Monastiriotis gave an interview to BBC News at 8pm commenting on the Italian crisis this time (7/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides appeared on the ITV 'Daybreak' Programme commenting on the possible new government in Greece (7/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides was quoted in a 'Bloomberg' news story Greece Will Form National Unity Government (7/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone  gave live TV interviews on Sky News & BBC World TV on the agreement to form a new Greek government (6/11/2011).  
  • Professor Kevin Featherstone gave also a radio interview for ABC, Australia (6/11/2011).
  • Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis appeared at Sky News TV at the late evening programme as the Presenter's Guest, commenting on the result of the Greek parliamentary confidence vote (4/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides was interviewed on developments in the Greek crisis which was the lead story of the flagship news programme of Swiss National Radio Echo der Zeit (4/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone told Sky News that the vote was a serious threat to Prime Minister Papandreou (4/11/2011).
  • Dr Monastiriotis was quoted in an article by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita commenting on the Greek Prime Ministers decision on the referendum (3/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone commented on the turmoil over Greece's financial future in CNN's Quest Means Business and in BBC Radio Wales (3/11/2011).
  • Dr Economides was quoted in the Guardian in an article by Polly Curtis entitled What happens if Greece leaves the euro? (3/11/2011).
  • The Guardian has published an article by Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis entitled No Greek referendum, but no stability either (3/11/2011).
  • Dr Spyros Economides has been asked to comment on the current political crisis in Greece by, The New York Times, France 24, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV and Radio, the Danish daily Information, the Bulgarian weekly Capital, and the Austrian online paper (3/11/2011).
  • The Guardian has published an article by Professor Featherstone entitled After Greece's referendum bombshell, where now? discussing 3 different scenarios of what might happen next (2/11/2011).
  •  Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis was a panel speaker at the lecture LSE perspectives on the sovereign debt crisis jointly organised by the LSE Department of Finance, the European Institute and the Financial Markets Group (2/11/2011).
  • Professor Featherstone commented on the Greek financial crisis in BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Leicester, BBC Suffolk and BBC Humberside (2/11/2011).
  • Dr Monastiriotis  gave another interview to Barbara Guidice for the News Bulletin programme of Radio France Internationale (English Service) (2/11/2011). 
  • Professor Featherstone was quoted in an article by Sarah Kliff on the Washington Post entitled At the moment, we could be hours from the collapse of the Greek government (1/11/2011).
  • Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis gave a live interview to France 24 TV, for the 1pm News Programme, discussing the Greek crisis and the implications of the referendum announced yesterday by the Greek Prime Minister (1/11/2011)




Coverage of the Implications of the Arrest of Ratko Mladic

James Ker-LindsayDr James Ker-Lindsay, Eurobank EFG Senior Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, commented on the implications of the arrest of alleged war criminal, Ratko Mladic for leading news organisations.

Voice of America (31 May 2011)

CNN (30 May 2011)

CNN (26 May 2011)

NBC (26 May 2011)

Voice of America (26 May 2011)