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Closed Roundtable

                                 On Serbian Foreign Policy  with Jovan Ratković


Monday, 22 October 2012

In October 2012, LSEE organised closed roundtable with Mr Jovan Ratković, who until recently had been Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Serbia, Boris Tadić. The participants came from the worlds of academia, policy-making and journalism. It was indeed a great pleasure and of significant interest to be able to engage with such a knowledgeable and key figure in Serbia’s foreign policy-making system.

While not being able to attribute specific remarks, comments or questions to any of the participants, one can make a general comment of the topics covered and the issues addressed both in our guest’s opening remarks and the discussion that followed.

At the heart of the discussion was of course the question of Kosovo, and likely outcomes of the process of dialogue which had been developing. As a consequence much discussion was had on Serbia’s relationship with the EU -and specific EU member states- as well as the future internal political developments in Serbia. We hope to be able to develop these types of meetings in parallel to our more open public events.