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Talk by Agron Bajrami

                               Kosovo Dialogue: Results and Consequences


Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Cañada Blanch Room, Cowdray House, LSE

Speaker Mr Agron Bajrami
Editor in Chief of Koha Ditore Newspaper, Prishtina, Kosovo
Chair Dr James Ker-Lindsay
Senior Research Fellow, LSEE-Research on South Eastern Europe

Agron Bajrami2On 6 November 2012, LSEE hosted a talk by Agron Bajrami, the editor of Kosovo’s leading newspaper, Koha Ditore, on the topic of the European Union sponsored dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

As was noted, Kosovo’s declaration of independence, in February 2008, had created an entirely new situation in the Western Balkans.

Nevertheless, while most of the European Union recognised Kosovo, Serbia remained steadfastly opposed. However, following the advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice, in July 2010, the Serbian government had been forced to agree to a process of direct discussions with Kosovo aimed at improving the day-to-day lives of the inhabitants of the region.

This talk reviewed the steps that had been taken thus far.

AgronBajrami4As was explained, starting in March 2011, the discussions between the two sides covered a range of issues, such as freedom of movement, the handing over of civil registries, the mutual recognition of qualifications and, most importantly, the integrated management of the border/boundary between Serbia and Kosovo.

However, despite the seeming progress that had been made, it was noted that many challenges lay ahead, including the implementation of the deals already reached and the need for further agreements. 



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