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ECPR Standing Group
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The group offers a platform for members to network, share information on academic activities and ongoing research projects as well as monitor and review recent publications relevant to the region.

Our activities include:

  • Maintenance of our website as a means of disseminating information on members' activities and upcoming events relevant to our members.
  • Facilitation of our members' engagement with the ECPR activities, through proposing workshops for the ECPR Joint Sessions, applying for research sessions grants and encouraging special panels on SEE in the ECPR General Conference and other related events.
  • Promotion of links between Universities and research centres with an interest in the region. 
  • Collaboration with other associations (including other ECPR Standing Groups) for the promotion of the comparative study of the region.
  • Facilitation of an interface between academic work on SEE, the media and practitioners with an interest in the region. 
  • Monitoring of the literature on South East Europe and the communication of latest news to our members.
  • Building of a database of the group's members and their research interests.
  • Publication of an annual report on the group's activities.

The group is constantly seeking ways to improve the services it offers to its members and widen its range of activities. Suggestions of members in this respect are always welcomed.


ECPR Standing Group on SEE

Albania - Photo Credit net_efekt