Useful Research Links

Centres and Institutes

Turkish Studies at the University of Texas, Austin|

Institute of Turkish Studies| (ITS)

The Turkish Studies Association| (TSA)

Turkish International Studies Association| (TISA)

French Institute for Anatolian Studies| (Istanbul)

Das Orient Institut| (Istanbul)

Turkish Studies at FORTH| (Greece)

Turkish Studies at the University of Cyprus|

Turkology Chair in Bamberg University| 

Turkic Studies at the Freie Universitat, Berlin|

The Turkology Update Leiden Project| (TULP)

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam| [It entails an archive database]

Turkish Studies at the University of Vienna|

Department of Turkish Studies and Inner Asian Peoples at the Warsaw University|

Turkish Studies Institute [The Global Research]|

The Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Endowed Chair, Indiana University|

Ottoman and Turkish Studies at Harvard|

Turkish Studies at the University of Arizona|

Turkish Studies at the University of Michigan|

The Turkish Programme at the Columbia University|

The Turkish Programme at the Georgetown University |

The Hagop Kevorkian Centre at the New York University|

The Turkish Language Programme at the University of Chicago|

Turkish Studies at SOAS|

South East European Studies at Oxford|

Centre d'Histoire du Domaine Turc at EHESS, Paris|  


Centre for Strategic and International Studies| (CSIS)


The Washington Institute for Near East Policy|

The Centre for European Policy Studies|

Centre for European Reform|

Chatham House on the Middle East|

The Foreign Policy Centre|  

International Organizations

European Commission on Enlargement|

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, OSCE|

Council of Europe, Turkey|

European Free Trade Agreement, EFTA, Turkey|

Human Rights Watch on Turkey|

Amnesty International 2007 Report on Turkey|

United Nations Development Programme,UNDP,Turkey|

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, Turkey|

World Bank, Turkey|

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, Turkey|  


Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations|

Turkish Studies Association Journal|

European Journal of Turkish Studies|

The Journal of Turkish Studies|

Turkish Studies Journal| [The Global Research Publication]

Journal of Modern Turkish Studies| [Ankara University]


TESEV Foreign Policy Bulletin|

Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs|  


TUBITAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey|

TUBA - Turkish Academy of Sciences|

Turkish Statistical Institute|

DPT - State Planning Organization|

Government of the Republic of Turkey|

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey|

Ministry of Foreign Affairs|

Foreign Policy Institute|

TEPAV - Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey |

History Foundation of Turkey|

TESEV - Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation|

Permanent Mission of Turkey to United Nations|  

Turkish Newspapers







Zaman| [english available]

Turkish Daily News| [english]  


State Archives| (The Prime Ministry)

Halil Inalcik Collection at Bilkent University|

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul|

National Library, Ankara|

Turkish Historical Society, Ankara|

Library of the Parliament, Ankara|  

Turkish Universities

[The list only covers leading universities with postgraduate programmes in social sciences]


Bogazici University|

Galatasaray University|

Istanbul University|

Istanbul Bilgi University|

Koc University|

Marmara University|

Sabanci University|

Yidiz Technical University |


Ankara University|

Bilkent University|

Gazi University|

Hacettepe University|

Middle East Technical University|

TOBB University|


Dokuz Eylul University|

Ege University|

Izmir Economy University|