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New Perspectives on Turkey

Journal: New Perspectives on Turkey

A leading Journal in Turkish Studies is now being published in partnership with the LSE Chair


Beginning in 2010, the leading international social science journal on Turkey, New Perspectives on Turkey, will be published in partnership with the LSE Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies. The editorial office of the journal will remain in Istanbul but some joint events including conferences are being planned. The biannual lectures organized jointly by the Chair and SOAS are already being published in the journal.

This new partnership is made possible thanks to the generous financial support of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) (Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası). 


Please follow the link below to view the original website of the Journal, New Perspectives on Turkey:

http://www.newperspectivesonturkey.net/ |

The Chair is planning to organize three conferences focusing on economic, political and social aspects of Turkey jointly with New Perspectives on Turkey through the generous support of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) (Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası). The first conference has already been organized on 22 October 2010 in Istanbul, Boğaziçi University under the title of "Urban Classes and Politics in the Neoliberal Era: Turkey in Comparison", and it has focused on the rise of new industrial centres in Anatolia from both economic and socio-political aspects. The next conference will be in 2011 at LSE, and it will focus on the Turkish economy and politics, an overview of Turkey's thirty years experience with globalization. The third conference will be organized in 2012, and its theme and venue will be announced later. We gratefully acknowledge the support of TEB for funding these conferences in the following three years as well as publication of New Perspectives on Turkey in partnership with LSE Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies.

Please click on the PDF document below to see the programme of "Urban Classes and Politics in the Neoliberal Era: Turkey in Comparison" conference:


THE NEW ISSUE RELEASED: New Perspectives on Turkey - No. 50

The Spring 2014 (No. 50) issue of New Perspectives on Turkey (NPT) is now available

Special Issue on “Ambivalent Architectures” from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic

Editor Introductions


Editors’ Introduction: Culture, diplomacy, representation: “Ambivalent architectures” from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic
Elvan Altan Ergut and Belgin Turan Özkaya




The British Museum, Müze-i Hümâyun and the travelling “Greek ideal” in the nineteenth century
Belgin Turan Özkaya



Power or leisure? Remarks on the architecture of the European summer embassies on the Bosphorus shore
Paolo Girardelli

The rebuilding of İstanbul revisited: Foreign planners in the early Republican years
İpek Akpınar



Eastern in the West, Western in the East: Deliberate and ambivalent facets of the identity of early Republican Turkey abroad
M. Haluk Zelef



Displaying abroad: Architecture and town planning exhibitions of Britain in Turkey in the mid-1940s
Elvan Altan Ergut



Information or culture: The intellectual dissemination of Americanism as common sense
Ela Kaçel



“Ambivalent architectures”
Dana Arnold

Review Article:
Ottoman slavery as a tool for historical analysis: A review of recent literature
Ceyda Karamürsel



Books Reviews:
Sibel Zandi-Sayek. "Ottoman İzmir: The Rise of a Cosmopolitan Port, 1840–1880". Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press, 2012.
Martina Becker



Esra Akcan. "Architecture in Translation: Germany, Turkey, and the Modern House". Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2012.
Burak Erdim

Duygu Köksal and Anastasia Falierou, eds. "A Social History of Late Ottoman Women". Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2013.
Yeter Can Gümüş



Gülhan Balsoy, "The Politics of Reproduction in Ottoman Society, 1838–1900". London: Pickering and Chatto, 2013.
Dzovinar Derderian


NPT is a refereed, scholarly journal published biannually by Homer. The aim of the journal is to provide a medium and an intellectual platform for debates and new scholarly ideas relating to the history, politics, society, economy and culture of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. In addition to research directly concerned with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, comparative perspectives and theoretical contributions relevant to such research are also actively solicited. The variety of material in the past issues ranging from Ottoman history to contemporary politics, from general theoretical concerns to interventions in specific debates - reflects the diversity of the journal's area of interests.


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