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New Perspectives on Turkey

Journal: New Perspectives on Turkey

A leading Journal in Turkish Studies is now being published in partnership with the LSE Chair


Beginning in 2010, the leading international social science journal on Turkey, New Perspectives on Turkey, will be published in partnership with the LSE Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies. The editorial office of the journal will remain in Istanbul but some joint events including conferences are being planned. The biannual lectures organized jointly by the Chair and SOAS are already being published in the journal.

This new partnership is made possible thanks to the generous financial support of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) (Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası). 


Please follow the link below to view the original website of the Journal, New Perspectives on Turkey:

http://www.newperspectivesonturkey.net/ |

The Chair is planning to organize three conferences focusing on economic, political and social aspects of Turkey jointly with New Perspectives on Turkey through the generous support of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) (Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası). The first conference has already been organized on 22 October 2010 in Istanbul, Boğaziçi University under the title of "Urban Classes and Politics in the Neoliberal Era: Turkey in Comparison", and it has focused on the rise of new industrial centres in Anatolia from both economic and socio-political aspects. The next conference will be in 2011 at LSE, and it will focus on the Turkish economy and politics, an overview of Turkey's thirty years experience with globalization. The third conference will be organized in 2012, and its theme and venue will be announced later. We gratefully acknowledge the support of TEB for funding these conferences in the following three years as well as publication of New Perspectives on Turkey in partnership with LSE Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies.

Please click on the PDF document below to see the programme of "Urban Classes and Politics in the Neoliberal Era: Turkey in Comparison" conference:


THE NEW ISSUE RELEASED: New Perspectives on Turkey - No. 47

The Fall 2012 (No. 47) issue of New Perspectives on Turkey (NPT) is now available

Special Issue on Turkey's Experience with Neoliberal Policies and Globalization

Editor Introductions

Editor’s introduction: Turkey’s experience with neoliberal policies and globalization since 1980
Şevket Pamuk


Turkey’s experience with neoliberal policies since 1980 in retrospect and prospect Fikret Şenses

Rushing toward currency convertibility
Kurtuluş Gemici 

Economic institutions and institutional change in Turkey during the neoliberal era
İzak Atiyas

Marching to the beat of a late drummer: Turkey’s experience of neoliberal industrialization since 1980
 Erol Taymaz; Ebru Voyvoda

Internationalization of finance capital in Spain and Turkey: Neoliberal globalization and the political economy of state policies
Mustafa Kutlay

Privatization processes as ideological moments: The block sales of large-scale state enterprises in Turkey in the 2000s
Merih Angın; Pınar Bedirhanoğlu

Review Article

Reflections from the conference “Turkey debates its social policies”: A rights-based turn in social policy making in Turkey?
Ayşe Alnıaçık; Ayşen Üstübici

Rewriting the history of port cities in the light of contemporary global capitalism
Nurçin İleri 

Unearthing the Ottoman present
Ali Sipahi

Anti-, non-, or post-Saidian?: The challenge of discussing German Orientalism
Malte Fuhrmann

Books Reviews

Tuncay Zorlu. "Innovation and Empire in Turkey: Sultan Selim III and the Modernization of the Ottoman Navy". London: IB Tauris, 2008.
Gelina Harlaftis

Hannes Grandits, Nathalie Clayer, and Robert Pichler, eds. Conflicting Loyalties in the Balkans: "The Great Powers, the Ottoman Empire and Nation-Building". London: I.B. Tauris, 2011
Bülent Bilmez

Amit Bein. "Ottoman Ulema, Turkish Republic: Agents of Change and Guardians of Tradition". Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2011
Brian Silverstein

Ayşe Kadıoğlu and E. Fuat Keyman, eds. "Symbiotic Antagonisms: Competing Nationalisms in Turkey". Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, 2011
Didem Türkoğlu

Nicole Watts. "Activists in Office: Kurdish Politics and Protest in Turkey". Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010
Ceren Belge

Cenk Saraçoğlu. "Kurds of Modern Turkey: Migration, Neoliberalism and Exclusion in Turkish Society". I.B. Tauris: London, 2011
Çetin Çelik  

NPT is a refereed, scholarly journal published biannually by Homer. The aim of the journal is to provide a medium and an intellectual platform for debates and new scholarly ideas relating to the history, politics, society, economy and culture of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. In addition to research directly concerned with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, comparative perspectives and theoretical contributions relevant to such research are also actively solicited. The variety of material in the past issues ranging from Ottoman history to contemporary politics, from general theoretical concerns to interventions in specific debates - reflects the diversity of the journal's area of interests.

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