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Europe@LSE Seminars

The interdepartmental Europe@LSE research seminar is jointly organised by the Government Department, the International Relations Department and the European Institute. We intend to provide a School-wide forum for research on Europe, beyond the borders of the European Union and in all disciplines. It is open to the academic public but we hope in particular that LSE staff and doctoral students doing research in relevant areas become regular attendants so as to create a scholarly community. Seminars take place once a month, typically followed by drinks or dinner with the speaker.

Michaelmas Term

Wednesday 24 October 2007, 18:00-19.30, Room H104
Europe@LSE Seminar
Helen Wallace (LSE)
Negotiations in the Council

Monday 5 November 2007, 18.00-19.30, Room Z129 
Europe@LSE Seminar
Radek Zubek (LSE)
'Conditional Compliance? Executives and EU Rule Adoption in Central Europe'

Wednesday 5 December 2007, 18.00-19.30, Room H104
Europe@LSE Seminar
Thomas Risse (Free University, Berlin)
'We the European Peoples? Identity, Public Sphere, and European Democracy'

Lent Term

Wednesday 16 January 2008, 18.00-19.30, Room Z229
Europe@LSE Seminar
Simon Hix (LSE)
'What's Wrong with the EU and how to fix it'

Wednesday 6 February 2008, 17.00-18.30, Z332
Europe@LSE Seminar
Virginie Guiraudon (European University Institute)
'Agenda for an empirical sociology of European integration'

Wednesday 27 February 2008, 18.00-19.30, Room Z332
Europe@LSE Seminar
Christa van Wijnbergen (LSE)
'Policy-Learning Across Borders: What Does the EU's Open Method of Coordination Teach Us?'

 Summer Term

Wednesday 14 May 2008, 18:00-19:30, Room H104
Europe@LSE Seminar

Karen Smith (LSE)
'Speaking with One Voice but Having Little Impact: the EU at the UNs Human Rights Council'