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EU in Practice

In this innovative seminar series, policy practitioners talk about their role and experience working in and with the EU institutions. The series is co-chaired by Maurice Fraser, Professor of Practice in European Politics, and Anthony Teasdale, Director for EU Internal Policies, European Parliament, and Visiting Senior Fellow at the European Institute.

These seminars are REGISTERED events and advance booking is required.

Spaces are very limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To attend, please RSVP to euroinst.events@lse.ac.uk|  

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Lent Term 2014

Friday 17 January 2014, 16.00-17.30
‘Politics and power in the European Union: How united? How divided?’
György Schöpflin, MEP since 2004 (EPP Group, Hungary); Professor of Politics, UCL, 1998-2004; author of ‘Politics in Eastern Europe 1945-92’ and ‘Nations, Identity, Power’ 

Friday 7 February 2014, 16.00-17.30
‘The struggle for top jobs in Brussels in 2014’
Dr Martin Westlake, Secretary General, European Economic and Social Committee, 2008-13; author of ‘The Council of the European Union’ and ‘Commission and Parliament’

Friday 14 February 2014, 15.30-16.45
‘The coming politics of the May 2014 European Parliament elections’
Andrew Duff, MEP since 1999 (ALDE Group, UK); former Director, Federal Trust; author of ‘Saving the European Union: The Logic of the Lisbon Treaty’

Friday 21 February 2014, 16.00-17.30
‘What kind of European Commission - and Commission President - for 2014-19?’
(Lord) Roger Liddle,
Europe Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair, 1997-2004; Senior Policy Adviser to Jose Manuel Barroso and Peter Mandelson, European Commission, 2004-07

Friday 7 March 2014, 16.00-17.30
‘Inside the Berlaymont: my life as a Eurocrat, 2011-14’
Philippe Legrain, Senior Policy Adviser to Jose Manuel Barroso, 2011-14; author of ‘Open World: The truth about globalisation’ and ‘Immigrants: Your country needs them’

Friday 14 March 2014, 17.15-18.45
‘Lessons of the Van Rompuy years: What kind of European Council for 2014-19?'
Dr Richard Corbett, Political Adviser to Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, 2009-14; MEP 1996-2009 (S&D Group, UK); author of ‘The European Parliament’

Michaelmas Term 2013

Friday 18 October 2013
'Will the May 2014 European Elections be different?'
Sir Julian Priestley, Secretary General of the European Parliament, 1997-2007; author of Six Battles that shaped Europe’s Parliament (2008) and Europe's Parliament: People, Places, Politics (2012) 

Friday 25 October 2013
‘The EU and NATO: Are they still living in the same city but on different planets?’
Dr Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General, NATO since 2010; Director of Policy Planning, NATO, 2005-10

Friday 8 November 2013
‘How is EU Common Foreign and Security Policy really made?’
Julian Braithwaite, UK Ambassador to the EU Political and Security Committee since 2011

Friday 15 November 2013
‘Angela Markel and Europe: The View from Berlin’
Quentin Peel, Associate Editor and chief German correspondent, Financial Times

Friday 22 November 2013
‘Britain, Europe and a referendum: What do the opinion polls say?’
Peter Kellner, President, YouGov since 2007; former Political Editor, New Statesman

Friday 29 November 2013
‘Insiders, outsiders and unofficial alliances: Who and what influences policy within the EU system?’
Heather Grabbe, Director, Open Society European Policy Institute, Brussels; former Senior Adviser to European Commissioner Olli Rehn

Friday 6 December 2013
‘From Suez to Syria: The Politics and Economics of Transatlantic Relations’
Ana Palacio, Spanish Foreign Minister, 2002-04; Chair, Legal Affairs Committee,
European Parliament, 1999-2002; General Counsel, World Bank, 2006-08