EILS is a biweekly seminar series offering a unique opportunity for the EI staff and research students to exchange ideas and provide feedbacks on their on-going research. In the spirit of the European Institute, the EILS emphasises an interdisciplinary approach to debates revolving around the EU and beyond. We encourage regular participation by both sides of the European Institute's research community by organising the discussion around a rotating scheme: on the first occasion, a research student's presentation is discussed at length by a staff member with the relevant expertise and vice versa (with reversed roles) on the following occasion. The time-frame of the presentations and discussions tend to be flexible as we attempt to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for each participant. As the letter "L" in the name, standing for lunch suggests, sandwiches are served to help us achieve this goal. Students/staff members who wish to submit their current work should contact Abel Bojar (staff coordinator - A.T.Bojar@lse.ac.uk|) or Sonja Avlijas (student coordinator - S.Avlijas@lse.ac.uk|). 

These seminars are REGISTERED events and advance booking is required.

Spaces are very limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To attend, please RSVP to: Europeaninstitute@lse.ac.uk|

EILS 2014/15 Events coming soon.