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Populism: Left, Right and Center

Graduate Student Conference

Date: 3 November 2017

Location: PhD Academy, London School of Economics and Political Science

Organisers: Marta Lorimer (European Institute, LSE), Diane Bolet (European Institute, LSE), Julian Göpffarth (European Institute, LSE), Carl Truedsson (Geography and Environment, LSE)

Call for papers

In 1967, a group of eminent scholars met at the LSE to discuss what was perceived at the time as an emerging phenomenon in world politics: populism. Today, populism is an ever growing area of research for academics and has become a buzzword in politics, with the term being applied indiscriminately to personalities as diverse as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Martin Schulz.

Populism, however, raises as many questions today as it did in 1967: To what extent is populism a useful concept? Is it better understood as a discourse, a style, as an ideology, or none of the above? Is it a necessary concept, or is ‘the people’ simply another word for ‘the nationals’, ‘the workers’, ‘my constituents’? What are populist policies, who are the populist politicians, what are populist attitudes?

The aim of this conference is to provide PhD students with a space to discuss their research on the theme of ‘populism’ with other graduate students working in the field. We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions from all disciplines dealing with (but not limited to) any of these aspects:

  • The definition and relevance of the concept of ‘populism’
  • Placing populism on a political map: is populism left, right, centre, diffuse?
  • Historical approaches to populism
  • Populist discourse
  • Populism and the media
  • Specific topics: populist economics, populist approaches to Europe, populist social care
  • Populist attitudes
  • The future of populist politics

Senior researchers will be invited to act as discussants on accepted papers. The concluding keynote speech will be given by Professor Francisco Panizza. 

Details and deadlines

To propose a paper, please send a 250-350 word abstract, along with a CV and a short bio, to Marta Lorimer (M.Lorimer@lse.ac.uk) by 1 September 2017; invitations will be sent out by 15 September 2017. Abstracts should include contact details and institutional affiliation. We ask attendees to submit their papers by 15 October 2017 at latest, as to provide commentators enough time to read the documents. There is no conference fee for participants.