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Forum on Religion

Summer Term Events 2012

Wednesday 6 June, 6.30- 8pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Rev Dr Giles Fraser
Discussant: Prof John Gray (London School of Economics)
Chair: Dr Matthew Engelke (London School of Economics)
This event will be followed by a reception and marks the public launch of the Programme for the Study of Religion and Non-Religion
"At the Origins of Modern Atheism"

Wednesday 27 June, 6-7.30pm, New Academic Building LG.09 
Speaker: Webb Keane (University of Michigan)
Discussant: Dr Faisal Devji (Oxford University)
"Ethics as Piety"

Lent Term Events 2012

1 February,  6-7:30pm, room COW1.11 in Cowdray House
Sermons in the Village and Evangelising in the City
'The Metropolis and Evangelical Life: coherence and fragmentation in "the lost city of London"
Anna Strhan
, PhD Candidate, Department of Religious Studies, University of Kent
'Eating words through the ear: sermons as sacrifice'
Dr. Joseph Webster, Research Fellow in Social Anthropology, Downing College, Cambridge University

Michaelmas Term Events 2011

Thursday 20 October, 6.30pm–8pm, Old Theatre, Old Building
Forum on Religion and Theos public debate
Public speakers: Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Claire Fox, Professor Tariq Modood and Dr Jenny Taylor
Chair: Jane Little
"Is There A Future For Multiculturalism?"

Wednesday 2 November, 6pm–7:30pm, COW1.11 Cowdray House
Fr Jim Walters, LSE Chaplaincy
"Sacred Action: what social policy can learn from religious groupsTimothy Stacey,  Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths"
"Sacraments and simulacra: the role of symbolic ritual in Jean Baudrillard's critique of capitalism"

Wednesday 7 December, 6pm-7:30 pm, COW1.11 in Cowdray House (COW)
Seminar on Critical Intersections between Religion and Law
Amanda van Eck, Deputy Director, Inform, LSE
'Researching "cults" and "extremism": methodological challenges and legal risks'
Andrew Scott, Senior Lecturer, Department of Law, LSE
"A battle of truths, or of wills? The interface between libel law and religion'