The European Institute Lunch Seminar (EILS) Series provides students and staff with the opportunity to share their research in an informal yet dynamic setting of intellectual exchange.

Seminars are organised by Marco Simoni and Banu Burns. If you are interested in presenting your work, please send a provisional title and a short description of your research along with the date on which you would like to present to m.simoni@lse.ac.uk or b.burns2@lse.ac.uk

Please note that the seminar series is only open to European Institute staff and students.


Lent Term Events 2012

Week 3

Tuesday 24 January, 1-2pm, COW.1.11 (J116)

Speaker: Sony Kapoor, EI Visiting Fellow and Managing Director, Re-Define, an International Think Tank

Title: 'Building a Complete Crisis Managment Framework for the European Union'

Discussant tbc

Week 5

Tuesday 7 February, 1-2pm, COW.1.11 (J116)

Speaker tbc

Week 7

Tuesday 21 February, 1-2pm, COW.1.11 (J116)

Speaker tbc

Week 9

Tuesday 6 March, 1-2pm, COW.1.11 (J116)

Speaker tbc

Michaelmas Term Events 2011

Week 3

Tuesday 18 October, 1-2pm, KSW.1.01

Jonathan White will present on 'Thinking Generations'.  Roch Dunin Wasowicz will discuss. 

Week 5

Tuesday 1 November, 12-1pm, OLD.2.22

Mogens Hobolth will present his paper 'Europeanization of domestic migration control policies: the case for short-stay visas'.  Spyros Economides will be the discussant.

Week 7

Tuesday 15 November, 1-2pm, COW.1.11 (J116)

Vassilis Monastiriotis will present.  Timothee Vlandas will be the discussant.

Week 9 *****CANCELLED*******