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Europe@LSE Seminars

Europe@LSE is a joint initiative of the European Institute, the Department of Government and the Department of International Relations at LSE. Further information can be obtained from the current convenors of the series Federica Bicchi and Eiko Thielemann.

Lent Term Events 2010

Democracy or Efficiency? The Powers of the European Parliament Revisited

Thursday 4 February 2010, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Berthold Rittberger (University of Mannheim)
Europe@LSE Seminar

Democratising the European Union: An exploration of the 'third transformation' of democracy

Thursday 25 February 2010, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Frank Schimmelfennig  (ETH Zurich)
Europe@LSE Seminar

Business Lobbying in the EU

Thursday 11 March 2010, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
David Coen (UCL)
Europe@LSE Seminar

Reforming Lobbying Regulation in the European Union

Thursday 29 April 2010, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Michelle Cini (Bristol University)
Europe@LSE Seminar

Michaelmas Term Events 2009

Fortress Europe? Does European Cooperation Undermine Global Human Rights Standards?

Thursday 29 October 2009, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Eiko Thielemann (LSE)
Nadine El-Enany (EUI)
Europe@LSE Seminar

(Early) Warning and European Preventive Policy

Thursday 19 November 2009, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Christoph Meyer (King's College London)
Europe@LSE Seminar

A Council of Consensus? How changes in decision rules in the Council of the European Union affect negotiations

Thursday 3 December 2009, J116, Cowdray House, 12:30pm
Sara Hagemann (LSE)
Europe@LSE Seminar