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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the European Institute is dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of Europe and the EU. With staff expertise spanning law, social policy, geography, political sociology, political science, political economy and philosophy, we aim to study the interplay between conceptions of European-ness and institutionalised understandings of politics, economics, and society. 

Research Themes

The Centre is multi-disciplinary in that it explores these concepts across four major research themes:

Affiliated Projects

Additionally the Our LSE Europe in Question Discussion Paper Series, LSE Perspectives on Europe Lecture Series, seminars, workshops and databases pool this cross-cutting expertise together in an effort to derive inter-disciplinary synergies of thought on Europe.

In addition, we benefit from the collective knowledge of our associated research centres, which include: LSEE Research on Southeast Europe, the Forum for European Philosophy, the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies, and Hellenic Observatory. We also have strong links with external organisations such as Breugel , CEPS , Federal Trust and Centre for European Reform .

Events Series


The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence is affiliated to the European Institute MSc Degree Programmes. For more information about the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence study options please refer to European Institute Degree Programmes.

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