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LSEE is part of the LSE's European Institute, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence


Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe

The first Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas by brining together young scholars working on topics related to South East Europe. The Symposium is intended to help graduate-level research students to overcome the academic isolation associated with PhD research, to share their ideas with a wider audience, and to establish collaborative links across disciplines.

The Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe is co-organised by three University of London institutions:

Centre for the Study of the Balkans|, Goldsmiths College

Centre for South East European Studies|, SSEES, UCL

LSEE - Research on South East Europe|, European Institute, LSE

We welcome contributions from research students focusing on the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Romania and Turkey and working in the following disciplines:

  • Anthropology and Sociology
  • Economics and Political Economy
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Modern and Contemporary History (including Economic History)
  • Law
  • Social Policy
  • Cultural Studies

For further information on the Symposium and how to apply, please navigate through the contents of this page.



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