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Contemporary Turkish Studies

The Chair for Contemporary Turkish Studies focuses on culture, religion, politics, and memory in Turkey and among Turkey's diasporic populations.  Its mission is to promote a deeper understanding of Turkey with emphasis on its diversity and a focus on its connections to wider world. As the only Chair of its kind located at a European Institute, its specific focus is the dynamic relationship of Turkey with Europe.

The Chair provides academic leadership in the study of Turkey with respect to interdisciplinary and critical research, teaching and related public activities. It organizes seminars and conferences, and supports doctoral studies on contemporary Turkey.

This Chair or Professorship could not have been possible without the generous support of five Turkish donors. The donors are:

Associate Professor and Chair for Contemporary Turkish Studies
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Public Lecture Series 2016-17: "Anthropology of Turkey and Beyond"
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EU 475 - Muslims in Europe (MSc Course)
EU 476 - Turkey and Europe (MSc Course) 
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