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Previous Papers at the European Institute

Between 2002 and 2006 the European Institute published another Working Paper series.

Monastiriotis, Vassilis (2006) ' Macro-Determinants of UK Regional Unemployment and the Role of Employment' EI WP 2006-01 (March)|

Papadopoulos, Fotis & Panos Tsakloglou (2005) ' Social Exclusion in the EU. A capability-based approach', EI WP 2005-01 (June)|

Burckhardt, Christian W. (2004) 'Why is there a public debate about the idea of a 'Civilian Power Europe'?', EI WP 2004-02 (October)|

Münch, Michael (2004) 'Are the labour market regulations in Central and Eastern European EU accession countries premature?', EI WP 2004-01 (September)|

Hwang, Ki-Sik (2003) 'Why do Korean firms invest in the EU? Evidence from FDI in the peripheral regions', EI WP 2003-05 (December)|

Aspinwall, Mark (2003) 'Understanding British MP attitudes to European integration', EI WP 2003-04 (December)|

Collignon, Stefan (2003) 'Is Europe Going Far Enough? Reflections on the EU's Economic Governance', EI WP 2003-03 (December)|

Thielemann, Eiko (2003) 'Does Policy Matter? On Governments' Attempts to Control Unwanted Migration', EI WP 2003-02 (May)|

Hancké, Bob (2003) 'Bifurcated convergence. Labour relations in OECD countries 1980-2000', EI WP 2003-01 (April)|

Bronk, Richard (2002) 'Commitment and Credibility: EU Conditionality and Interim Gains', EI WP 2002-02 (December)|

Schelkle, Waltraud (2002) 'Disciplining Device or Insurance Arrangement? Two Approaches to the Political Economy of EMU Policy Coordination', EI WP 2002-01 (December)|