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LEQS Papers

Cesaroni, Tatiana & De Santis, Roberta. ‘Current account “Core-periphery dualism” in the EMU’ LEQS Paper No 90, March 2015|

Glendinning, Simon. 'Varieties of Neoliberalism' LEQS Paper No. 89, March 2015|

Haverland, Markus, de Ruiter, Minou & Van de Walle, Steven. ’Producing salience or keeping silence? An exploration of topics and non-topics of Special Eurobarometers’ LEQS Paper No. 88, February 2015|

Johnston, Alison & Regan, Aidan. 'Taming Global Finance in an Age of Capital? Wage-Setting Institutions' Mitigating Effects on Housing Bubbles' LEQS Paper No. 87, February 2015|

D’Errico, Marco, Macchiarelli, Corrado & Serafini, Roberta. 'Differently unequal Zooming-in on the distributional dimensions of the crisis in euro area countries' LEQS Paper No. 86, January 2015|

Crescenzi, Riccardo & Giua, Mara. ‘The EU Cohesion policy in context: regional growth and the influence of agricultural and rural development policies’ LEQS Paper No. 85, December 2014|

Bartlett, Will. 'Shut out? South East Europe and the EU's New Industrial Policy' LEQS Paper No. 84, December 2014| 

Guiso, Luigi, Sapienza, Paola & Zingales, Luigi. ‘Monnet’s Error?’ LEQS Paper No. 83, November 2014|

Costa-i-Font, Joan & Zigante, Valentina. ''The Choice Agenda' in European Health Systems: The Role of 'Middle Class Demands'' LEQS Paper No. 82, November 2014|

Woodruff, David M. 'Governing by Panic: The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis' LEQS Paper No. 81, October 2014|

Monastirio|tis, Vassilis, Kallioras, Dimitris & Petrakos, George. 'The regional impact of EU associati|on agreements: lessons for the ENP from the CEE experience' LEQS Paper No. 80, October 2014| 

Bugaric, Bojan. 'Protecting Democracy and the Rule of Law in the European Union: The Hungarian Challenge' LEQS Paper No. 79, July 2014|

Bertsou, Eri. 'The 2014 EP Elections: A Victory for European Democracy? A Report on the LEQS Annual Event 2014' LEQS Paper No. 78, July 2014|

Innerarity, Daniel. 'Does Europe Need a Demos to Be Truly Democratic?' LEQS Paper No. 77, July 2014|

HasselAnke. 'Adjustments in the Eurozone: Varieties of Capitalism and the Crisis in Southern Europe' LEQS Paper No. 76, May 2014|

MabbettDeborah & Schelkle, Waltraud. 'Searching under the lamp-post: the evolution of fiscal surveillance' LEQS Paper No. 75, May 2014|

Luthra, Renee, Platt, Lucinda & Salamońska, Justyna.  'Migrant diversity, migration motivations and early integration: the case of Poles in Germany, the Netherlands, London and Dublin' LEQS Paper No. 74, April 2014|

Garcia Calvo, Angela. ‘Industrial Upgrading in Mixed Market Economies: The Spanish Case’ LEQS Paper No. 73, March 2014|

White, Jonathan. 'Politicizing Europe: The Challenge of Executive Discretion' LEQS Paper No. 72, February 2014|

Esteve-González, Patricia & Theilen, Bernd. 'European Integration: Partisan Motives or Economic Benefits?' LEQS Paper No. 71, February 2014|

Monastiriotis, Vassilis. 'Origin of FDI and domestic productivity spillovers: does European FDI have a 'productivity advantage' in the ENP countries?' LEQS Paper No. 70, January 2014|

Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie & Macchiarelli, Corrado. 'Transitions in labour market status in the European Union' LEQS Paper No. 69, November 2013|

Dani, Marco. 'The ‘Partisan Constitution’ and the corrosion of European constitutional culture' LEQS Paper No. 68, November 2013|

Bronk, Richard & Jacoby, Wade. 'Avoiding monocultures in the European Union: the case for the mutual recognition of difference in conditions of uncertainty' LEQS Paper No. 67, September 2013|

Johnston, Alison, Hancké, Bob & Pant, Suman. 'Comparative Institutional Advantage in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis' LEQS Paper No. 66, September 2013|

Lunz, Patrick. 'What's left of the left? Partisanship and the political economy of labour market reform: why has the social democratic party in Germany liberalised labour markets?' LEQS Paper No. 65, July 2013|

Estrin, Saul & Uvalic, Milica. 'Foreign direct investment into transition economies: Are the Balkans different?' LEQS Paper No. 64, July 2013|

Everson, Michelle & Joerges, Christian. 'Who is the Guardian for Constitutionalism in Europe after the Financial Crisis?' LEQS Paper No. 63, June 2013|

Meijers, Maurits. 'The Euro-crisis as a catalyst of the Europeanization of public spheres? A cross-temporal study of the Netherlands and Germany' LEQS Paper No. 62, June 2013|

Bugaric, Bojan. 'Europe Against the Left? On Legal Limits to Progressive Politics' LEQS Paper No. 61, May 2013|

Somek, Alexander. 'Europe: From emancipation to empowerment' LEQS Paper No. 60, April 2013|

Kleine, Mareike. 'Trading Control: National Chiefdoms within International Organizations' LEQS Paper No. 59, March 2013|

Aranki, Ted & Macchiarelli, Corrado. 'Employment Duration and Shifts into Retirement in the EU' LEQS Paper No. 58, February 2013|

De Grauwe, Paul. ‘Design Failures in the Eurozone: Can they be fixed?’ LEQS Paper No. 57, February 2013 |

Teixeira, Pedro. 'The Tortuous Ways of the Market: Looking at the European Integration of Higher Education from an Economic Perspective' LEQS Paper No. 56, January 2013|

Costa-i-Font, Joan. ' Fiscal Federalism and European Health System Decentralization: A Perspective' LEQS Paper No. 55, December 2012|

Schelkle, Waltraud. 'Collapsing Worlds and Varieties of welfare capitalism: In search of a new political economy of welfare' LEQS Paper No. 54, November 2012|

Crescenzi, Riccardo, Pietrobelli, Carlo & Rabellotti, Roberta. 'Innovation Drivers, Value Chains and the Geography of Multinational Firms in European Regions' LEQS Paper No. 53, October 2012|

Featherstone, Kevin. 'Le choc de la nouvelle? Maastricht, déjà vu and EMU reform' LEQS Paper No. 52, September 2012  |

Hassel, Anke & Lütz, Susanne. 'Balancing Competition and Cooperation: The State’s New Power in Crisis Management' LEQS Paper No. 51, July 2012  |

Garben, Sacha. 'The Future of Higher Education in Europe: The Case for a Stronger Base in EU Law' LEQS Paper No. 50, July 2012|

Everson, Michelle. 'A Technology of Expertise: EU Financial Services Agencies' LEQS Paper No. 49, June 2012|

Cherrier, Nickolas. 'EU Diplomacy at 27: United in Diversity?' LEQS Paper No. 48, May 2012|

White, Jonathan. 'Parallel Lives: Social Comparison Across National Boundaries' LEQS Paper No. 47, January 2012|

Meyer, Niclas. 'Political Contestation in the Shadow of Hierarchy' LEQS Paper No. 46, January 2012| 

Hyman, Richard. 'Trade Unions, Lisbon and Europe 2020: From Dream to Nightmare' LEQS Paper No. 45, December 2011|

Wagner, Peter. 'The democratic crisis of capitalism:Reflections on political and economic modernity in Europe' LEQS Paper No. 44, December 2011|

Chalmers, Damian & Chaves, Mariana. 'The Reference Points of EU Judicial Politics' LEQS Paper No. 43, September 2011|

Hassel, Anke. 'The paradox of liberalization – Understanding dualism and the recovery of the German political economy' LEQS Paper No. 42, September 2011|

Hancké, Bob. 'Endogenous Coordination: Multinational Companies and the Production of Collective Goods in Central and Eastern Europe' LEQS Paper No. 41, August 2011|

Crescenzi, Riccardo, De Filippis, Fabrizio & Pierangeli, Fabio. 'In tandem for cohesion? Synergies and conflicts between regional and agricultural policies of the European Union' LEQS Paper No. 40, July 2011|

Somek, Alexander. 'The Social Question in a Transnational Context' LEQS Paper No. 39, June 2011|

Mabbett, Deborah. 'A Rights Revolution in Europe? Regulatory and judicial approaches to nondiscrimination in insurance' LEQS Paper No. 38, May 2011|

Karaman, K. Kıvanç & Pamuk, Şevket. 'Different Paths to the Modern State in Europe: The interaction between domestic political economy and interstate competition.' LEQS Paper No. 37, May 2011|

Scharpf, Fritz W.. 'Monetary Union, Fiscal Crisis and the Preemption of Democracy.'  Paper presented at the LEQS Annual Lecture 'Saving the Euro – at the expense of democracy in Europe?' on 12 May 2011 at the London School of Economics, LEQS Paper No. 36, May 2011|

Zigante, Valentina. 'Assessing Welfare Effects of the European Choice Agenda: The case of health care in the United Kingdom.' LEQS Paper No. 35, May 2011|

Hobolth, Mogens. 'European visa cooperation: interest politics and regional imagined communities.' LEQS Paper No. 34, May 2011|

Monastiriotis, Vassilis. 'Regional Growth Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe.' LEQS Paper No. 33, April 2011|

Johnston, Alison. 'The Revenge of Baumol's Cost Disease?: Monetary Union and the Rise of Public Sector Wage Inflation.' LEQS Paper No. 32, March 2011|

Glendinning, Simon. ' 'Europe, for example'.' LEQS Paper No. 31, March 2011|

Winkler, Heinrich August. 'Greatness and Limits of the West. The History of an Unfinished Project.' LEQS Paper No. 30, February 2011|

Dani, Marco. 'Assembling the fractured European consumer.' LEQS Paper No. 29, January 2011|

Joerges, Christian. 'Unity in Diversity as Europe's Vocation and Conflict's Law as Europe's Constitutional Form.' LEQS Paper No. 28, December 2010| (revised version from April 2013)

Kylstad, Ingrid. 'Turkey and the EU: A 'new' European identity in the making?' LEQS Paper No. 27, November 2010|

Costa-i-Font, Joan. 'Regional Single Currency Effects on Bilateral Trade with the European Union.' LEQS Paper No. 26, October 2010| (updated in December 2010)

Erkan, Ozgur. 'Spain's Referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty: A Quantitative Analysis Within the Conceptual Framework of First and Second Order Elections.' LEQS Paper No. 25, June 2010|

White, Jonathan. 'Left, Right and Beyond: The Pragmatics of Political Mapping.' LEQS Paper No. 24, June 2010|

Monastiriotis, Vassilis & Zartaloudis, Sotirios. 'Beyond the crisis: EMU and labour market reform pressures in good and bad times.' LEQS Paper No. 23, June 2010|

Lütz, Susanne & Kranke, Matthias.'The European Rescue of the Washington Consensus? EU and IMF Lending to Central and Eastern European Countries.' LEQS Paper No. 22, May 2010| (an edited version of this paper has now been published in the Review of International Political Economy, DOI:10.1080/09692290.2012.747104, 22 February 2013)

Hartlapp, Miriam; Metz, Julia & Rauh, Christian. 'The agenda set by the EU Commission: the result of balanced or biased aggregation of positions?' LEQS Paper No. 21, April 2010|

Costa-i-Font, Joan.'Unveiling Vertical State Downscaling: Identity and/or the Economy?' LEQS Paper No. 20, March 2010| (updated in September 2010)

Delanty, Gerard. 'The European Heritage from a Critical Cosmopolitan Perspective.' LEQS Paper No. 19, February 2010|

Outhwaite, William. 'Europe at 21: Transitions and Transformations since 1989'. LEQS Paper No. 18, January 2010|

Lavdas, Kostas A..'Normative Evolution in Europe: Small States and Republican Peace'. LEQS Paper No. 17, January 2010|

Schelkle, Waltraud. 'Good governance in crisis or a good crisis for governance? A comparison of the EU and the US'. LEQS Paper No. 16, December 2009| (updated in May 2010)

Keating, Michael. 'Second Round Reform. Devolution and constitutional reform in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy'. LEQS Paper No. 15, December 2009|

Hyman, Richard. 'Trade Unions and 'Europe': Are the Members out of Step?'. LEQS Paper No. 14, November 2009|

Dani, Marco. 'Economic and social conflicts, integration and constitutionalism in contemporary Europe'. LEQS Paper No. 13, November 2009|

Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés & Krøijer, Anne. 'Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe'. LEQS Paper No. 12, October 2009|

Cheshire, Paul C. & Magrini, Stefano. 'Urban Growth Drivers and Spatial Inequalities: Europe - a Case with Geographically Sticky People. LEQS Paper No. 11, October 2009|

McCrea,Ronan. 'The Recognition of Religion within the Constitutional and Political Order of the European Union'. LEQS Paper No. 10, September 2009|

Bertola, Guiseppe & Mola, Lorenza. 'Services Provision and Temporary Mobility: Freedoms and Regulation in the EU' LEQS Paper No. 9, September 2009|

Walker, Neil. 'Multilevel Constitutionalism: Looking Beyond the German Debate'. LEQS Paper No. 8, June 2009|

Frankel, Jeffrey. 'The Estimated Trade Effects of the Euro: Why Are They Below Those From Historical Monetary Unions Among Smaller Countries?'. LEQS Paper No. 7, June 2009|

Colomer, Josep M.. 'On Building the American and the European Empires'. LEQS Paper No. 6, June 2009|

Boeri, Tito. 'Immigration to the Land of Redistribution'. LEQS Paper No. 5, June 2009|

Jones, Erik. 'They Have No Idea… Decision-making and Policy Change in the Global Financial Crisis'. LEQS Paper No. 4, May 2009|

Frey, Bruno S.. 'A New Concept of European Federalism'. LEQS Paper No. 3, May 2009|

Chalmers, Damian. 'Gauging the Cumbersomeness of EU Law'. LEQS Paper No. 2, May 2009|

Bellamy, Richard. 'The Liberty of the Post-Moderns? Market and Civic Freedom within the EU'. LEQS Paper No. 1, May 2009|





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