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LEQS Discussion Paper Series

The European Institute launched a new Discussion Paper series, LEQS – the LSE 'Europe in Question' Series – in May 2009, publishing high quality research on Europe and the European Union from scholars across LSE and beyond.

Being part of a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (the European Institute), the series aims at strengthening the academic and policy debates concerning the future development and governance of Europe, exploring new lines of reflection and analysis, and promoting the cross-fertilisation of research across cognate disciplines. To this end, the series includes contributions from across a range of disciplines, including political science and political theory, public policy, international relations, economics and political economy, geography, philosophy, sociology, social policy, law, and history. In addition to contributions from LSE staff and research students, the series hosts contributions from distinguished scholars from around the world, who are occasionally invited to present their work in public lectures and seminars organised under the auspices of the series.

Papers published in the series go through a formal process of in-house refereeing and are publicised though various academic and policy forums thus, achieving impact and visibility throughout the research and policy communities. All LEQS publications appear on LSE Research Online and in renowned online academic publishing forums (RePEc, ERPA and SSRN).

LEQS papers are freely available electronically. Please refer to the

paper section

For more information on newly published papers please email euroinst.leqs@lse.ac.uk.



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LEQS is generously supported by the LSE Annual Fund