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GOLEM - Governance and Law in the European Market

GOLEM Conferences and Workshops - Autumn 2010


Regulated markets provide many of the central contexts for the different institutional and constitutional debates that have dominated recent discussions about EU law. Contrary to mainstream EU rhetoric and self-perception, the workshops on 'Market Integration, EU Law and Social Conflicts' point at conflicts as a pervasive, inevitable and to some extent irreducible feature of European integration. Although the role of conflicts is recognised in other disciplines such as economics, politics, sociology and psychiatry, until now EU law has seemed less comfortable in approaching market integration from this standpoint. However, several questions arise when a conflict-oriented perspective is embraced: to what extent does EU law acknowledge conflicts? What ethics of fairness, if any, does it deploy to mediate distributive conflicts over scarce resources or goods? How does it protect against predation (eg non-exploitation)? To what extent can EU law (and how should it) alter their terms or contain them? Insofar as there is nothing linear or stable about conflicts what does this imply for the authority of EU law and its relationship with integration?

The full Michalemas Term programme can be downloaded here|.

Monday 11 October, 6-7:30 pm, Graham Wallas Room, Old Building
Gregoire Webber and Mike Wilkinson, LSE
Alexander Somek, University of Iowa
The Social Question in a Transnational Context
Michelle Everson, Birkbeck College
'Towards a European Law of Suspicion' - The Need for a Critical School of European Law

Monday 25 October, 7-8:30 pm, Room COW J116, Cowdray House
Gareth Davies,
Free University of Amsterdam
Freedom of Choice and Freedom from Choice
Marco Dani, LSE
Assembling the European Fractured Consumer

Monday 15 November, 7-8:30 pm, Graham Wallas Room, Old Building
Christian Joerges, University of Bremen
Unity in Diversity as Europe's Vocation and Conflicts Law as Europe's Constitutional Form
Damian Chalmers, LSE
When Fights about the Future of Europe lead to Arguments about its Presence

Tuesday 30 November, 7-8:30 pm, Graham Wallas Room , Old Building
Andrea Sangiovanni, King's College London
Solidarity in the European Union
Floris de Witte, LSE
Tiered Justice in Europe: Integrating National and Transnational Justice Claims

Thursday 9 December, 1-2 pm, Room COW J116, Cowdray House
Miguel Maduro, EUI
What does Social Means when we Speak of Social Europe?



Illustration by Hugo Steiner-Prag for Gustav Meyrink's novel 'The Golem'