Yonatan Levi

PhD Candidate

European Institute

About me

Yonatan Levi is a PhD candidate studying the topic of ideological competition – and the lack thereof – in liberal democracies.

Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked as a journalist for Israel’s leading daily newspaper, an investigative researcher for a Jerusalem-based progressive think tank, and a political campaigner. In 2011 he was one of the leaders of the massive Israeli social justice protest movement. In 2016 he worked in the UK Parliament.

Yonatan is a recipient of the British Foreign Office’s Chevening Scholarship for students with outstanding leadership qualities, as well as NYU’s Paths to Peace Scholarship. He is a research fellow at Molad – the Centre for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, and the Israeli Labour Movement’s Berl Katznelson Foundation. He is a frequent contributor to Ha’aretz.

Yonatan holds an MSc in Political Theory from LSE and a BA in History and Literature from Tel-Aviv University.

Academic Supervisors

Professor Jonathan White and Dr Abby Innes