Katerina Glyniadaki

Katerina Glyniadaki

PhD Candidate

European Institute

About me

Katerina is a PhD Candidate at the European Institute, studying the administration of the migration issue in the cities of Athens and Berlin. Her research focuses on individuals working in the front line with asylum-seekers, refugees, and immigrants in the two cities. Through participant observation and extensive in-depth interviews, she examines how these workers respond to every-day pressures and challenges (e.g. lack of resources, cultural and linguistic barriers, or legal gaps and contradictions), and how their daily decisions ultimately affect policy implementation. Her work brings together perspectives from sociology and social psychology into the fields of public policy and public administration.

Katerina holds an MPhil in Social Psychology from the University of Cambridge (distinction), an MA in Sociology from the University of California, Riverside, and a BA in Communication Studies from the University of California, Riverside (cum laude). 

Prior to joining the LSE, Katerina has worked as an independent researcher in a number of projects pertaining to the effects of the social, economic, and political consequences of the Greek financial crisis. She is now the Managing Editor of the GreeSE Working Paper Series, Hellenic Observatory, LSE.

Academic Supervisors

Dr Esra Özyürek and Professor Martin Lodge (LSE Government Department)