European Doctoral Programme

The LSE Economics PhD Programme is affiliated with the European Doctoral Programme (EDP).

For over twenty years, EDP has operated as a network of some of the leading doctoral programmes in economics in Europe and Israel. Its current member institutions are:

The EDP runs an exchange scheme among the member institutions. Over the years, hundreds of doctoral students have taken advantage of this opportunity to visit another EDP school. More information about the EDP and its activities is available directly from the EDP website.

How do I access the EDP?

At the LSE there is no direct entry into the EDP. In order to participate in the activities of the EDP, you must first be registered as a Visiting Research Exchange student. More information about the LSE doctoral program is available from the Research Students page.

Information for LSE Economics MRes/PhD students who wish to visit another EDP institution

To participate in EDP, you must have completed the three MRes core courses (EC441, EC442, and EC443 or EC484) with marks that are satisfactory for PhD progress. The first step is to contact your supervisor and discuss how an EDP exchange would fit in your overall research plan. Once you know where and when you want to go, please contact the EDP Coordinator at the LSE, Balazs Szentes. The registration procedures vary from school to school. Unfortunately, no dedicated funding is available, and you will have to make your own arrangements.

Information for doctoral students from other EDP institutions who wish to visit the LSE

Students are required to register to spend a least three months (one semester) at the LSE, i.e. from October to December, January to March or April to June. Your first step is to contact the EDP Coordinator in your home institution, who will be in touch with the LSE EDP Coordinator. For a visit starting September 2019, the application should be completed by Monday 6 May 2019. We suggest you contact your local coordinator by March. Once we have received notification from your EDP Coordinator that you have been selected to visit the LSE, we will contact you with instructions on how to make a formal application.

EDP students visiting the LSE do not pay tuition fees. However, there is no additional funding available for EDP exchanges.

EDP students visiting the LSE are registered as Research Exchange students in the Economics Department. You can to enrol in courses and take exams like other MRes/PhD students, but there is no route for progression onto the MRes/PhD and you are expected to return to your original EDP institution at the end of your visit.

European Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics Annual Meeting

The Jamboree

All participants in the EDP get together each year for one or two short sessions, devoted to seminars on special topics and student presentations. These sessions, drawing on the common faculty resources, also provide students with information about current research activities, help orient their own work, and offer guidance on research subjects and associated supervisors.

The next EDP Jamboree will be held at Université Catholique de Louvain (dates to be confirmed).