Selected Faculty Publications

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For space reasons, we are unable to include all of our faculty’s recent publications on this page. Please refer to the personal webpages of individual faculty members for detailed lists of their published and unpublished work.


American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Murray, Fiona, Aghion, Philippe, Mathias Dewatripont, Julian Kolev and Scott Stern. 2016. Of Mice and Academics: Examining the Effect
of Openness on Innovation. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8 (1), pp. 212-252.

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Aghion, Philippe and Matthew O Jackson. 2016. Inducing Leaders to Take Risky Decisions: Dismissal, Tenure, and Term Limits. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 8 (3), pp. 1-38.


Journal of Political Economy

Aghion, Philippe, Dechezleprêtre, Antoine, Hémous, David, Martin, Ralf, and Van Reenen, John. 2016. Carbon Taxes, Path Dependency, and Directed Technical Change: Evidence from the Auto Industry. Journal of Political Economy, 124 (1), pp. 1-51.

American Economic Review

Ashraf, Nava, Edward L Glaeser, and Giacomo A M Ponzetto. 2016. Infrastructure, Incentives, and Institutions. American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 106 (5), pp. 77–82.

American Economic Review

Arcidiacono, Peter, Esteban M Aucejo and Hotz V Joseph. 2016. University Differences in the Graduation of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California. American Economic Review, 106 (3), pp. 525-562.

The Economic Journal

Bean, Charles. 2016. Living with Low for Long. The Economic Journal, 126 (592), pp. 507–522.

Review of Economics and Statistics

Caselli Francesco and Tesei Andrea. 2016. Resource Windfalls, Political Regimes, and Political Stability. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 98 (3), pp. 573-590.

American Economic Review

Brunnermeier, Markus K., Luis Garicano, Philip R. Lane, Marco Pagano, Ricardo Reis, Tano Santos, David Thesmar, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Dimitri Vayanos. 2016. The Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop and ESBies. American Economic Review, 106 (5), pp. 508-512.

Journal of Economic Literature

Garicano, Luis and Luis Rayo. 2016. Why Organizations Fail: Models and Cases. Journal of Economic Literature, 54 (1), pp. 137-92.

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Dwenger, Nadja, Henrik Kleven, Imran Rasul and Johannes Rincke. 2016. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8 (3), pp. 203-32.


Journal of European Economic Association

Levy, Matthew and Tasoff, Joshua. 2016. Exponential-Growth Bias and Lifecycle Consumption. Journal of the European Economic Association.  14 (3), pp. 545–789.

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Autor, David H., Alan Manning and Christopher L. Smith. 2016. The Contribution of the Minimum Wage to US Wage Inequality over Three Decades: A Reassessment. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8 (1), pp. 58-99.


Alisdair McKay and Ricardo Reis. 2016.The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in the U.S. Business Cycle. Econometrica, 84 (1), pp. 141-194. 


Quarterly Journal of Economics

Sampson Thomas. 2016. Dynamic Selection: An Idea Flows Theory of Entry, Trade and Growth. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131 (1), pp. 315-380.

American Economic Review

Cockburn, Iain, Lanjouw, Jean O and Schankerman, Mark. 2016. Patents and the global diffusion of new drugs. American Economic Review, 106 (01), pp. 136-164.  

Journal of Political Economy

Sutton John and Trefler Daniel. 2016. Capabilities, Wealth and Trade. Journal of Political Economy, 124 (3), pp. 826 – 878.

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Tenreyro, Silvana and Gregory Thwaites. 2016. Pushing on a String: US Monetary Policy Is Less Powerful in Recessions. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 8 (4), pp. 43-74.

Review of Economic Studies

Nick Bloom, Mirko Draca, and John Van Reenen. 2016. Trade induced technical change? The impact of Chinese imports on innovation and Information Technology. Review of Economic Studies, 83 (1), pp. 87-117.

American Economic Review

Bloom, Nicholas, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, Daniela Scur and John Van Reenen. 2016.International Data on Measuring Management Practices. American Economic Review, 106 (5), pp. 152-56.

Quarterly Journal of Economics

Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman. 2016. Wealth Inequality in the United States since 1913: Evidence from Capitalized Income Tax Data. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131 (2), pp. 519-578.