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Undergraduate Programmes


A first degree in Economics not only prepares you for a career as an economist in government or central bank, financial services, research or consulting. As Economics at LSE addresses the world's toughest problems, our graduates also find satisfaction in a wide variety of satisfying and important roles, ranging from international development to management. A significant number go on to graduate work.

Applying to study an undergraduate course as an intercollegiate student

Students studying at another college within the University of London can apply to study a course (module) at LSE as an intercollegiate student. Those wishing to study an undergraduate course within the Department of Economics must first complete this form.

Information on EC100 and EC102 

Information relating to the first year Economics courses can be found here.


We offer three single honours degrees, in Economics (further information on the BSc Economics degree), in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (further information on the BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics degree), and in Economics with Economic History (further information on the BSc Economics with Economic History degree).

You can also take degrees which combine Economics in various ways with Economic History, Environmental Policy, Geography, Government, Philosophy and Mathematics.

From 2015 we offer a new, four-year undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (further information on the BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree), combining the disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics and run by the Philosophy Department.

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Further information about the individual courses offered through our programmes.  

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