MRes/PhD Programme in Economics


The Department has a vibrant doctoral programme with around 100 students pursuing research in all fields of economics.

The MRes/PhD in Economics offers structured research training and supervision by faculty prominent in their fields. Jonathan LeapeSpecifically, it is grounded in a rigorous 2-year coursework component and strong research element.

Faculty and PhD students work in all major areas within economics and the programme includes a comprehensive range of advanced field seminars. We offer an environment with an excellent research infrastructure and ample opportunities for informal interaction, in which students are integrated into research groups formed across the Department and associated Research Centres.

The LSE also has a strong record of placing its PhD students in academic positions in the United States, as well as in the best research universities in Europe.

The LSE Economics PhD Programme is affiliated with the European Doctoral Programme (EDP).

You can also find further information about the individual research courses offered through our programmes.

How to Apply

MRes/PhD Economics - Admissions FAQs

How to Apply

General Information about prospective research students

Programme and School Regulations for research students 

Further Information

MRes/PhD Economics for Students Entering MRes Registration in or after 2015

PhD Routes and Coursework Requirements (before 2015) 

Costs and Financial Aid

Information from the Financial Support Office 

Information regarding Job Opportunities

Class Teaching Opportunities

Class teaching opportunities are available during the course of research degrees. They represent useful professional training and can be a valuable and important experience. For more information, click on the link above.  

PhD Job Market

Towards the completion of a research degree the Department organises an orientation meeting for prospective job market candidates and offers advice as well as a platform for candidates to present their experience and research. Have a look at the page with our current job market candidates.