MSc Economics

This MSc is intended to equip students with the tools of the professional economist, for work in government, international organisations, business, or as preparation for economics research. Each year, approximately one-third of graduates go onto work in the private sector, one-third to the public sector and international organisations, and one-third to pursue further education. The degree is based on rigorous training in core areas of economics and an optional specialisation. Although extensive use is made of mathematics, this is primarily to facilitate analysis (students interested in a more mathematically oriented course should apply for the MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics).

This degree can also be taken over two years for those students whose first degree did not specialise in economics. Students who successfully complete the examinations in the preliminary year will be awarded a Diploma in Economics, and those meeting the required standard will be permitted to proceed to the MSc. Please refer to MSc Economics (Two Year Programme).

Subject to attaining the required grades, students may progress to the MRes/PhD Programme. See the Research Programmes pages for details.

Further information on the programme structure can be found in the LSE Calendar and at MSc Economics Programme Regulations.


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