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Mr Hanwei Huang

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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Research interests
International Trade (primary)
Economic Development, Economic History (secondary)

Job market paper
Germs, Roads, and Trade: Resilience of Globally Sourcing Firms in the Face of the SARS Epidemic

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This paper studies supply chain disruptions and their heterogeneous impacts on firms. I build a model of global sourcing in which heterogeneous firms select to importing from countries and via customs with different efficiencies, taking into account domestic and international trade costs. Under input complementarity, the model predicts that high productivity firms are more geographically diversified in sourcing, which makes them more resilient to adverse shocks to the supply chain. Reductions in trade costs induce firms to further diversify their sourcing strategies. I then explore the 2003 SARS epidemic as a natural experiment to examine the resilience of Chinese manufacturing importers. Imports fell by 7.9% on average when the trade route was hit by SARS, but as much as 52% for a firm without any diversification. The marginal cost of firms whose imports were hit by SARS increased by less if the firm had more trade routes for importing. The epidemic reduced aggregate manufacturing output by about 0.7% at its peak. Connectivity to roads increased firms' resilience to the epidemic by facilitating input diversification.

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