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Ms Xuezhu Shi

PhD Candidate in Economics

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Key Expertise
Public Economics, Development Economics, Family Economics

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Assistant Professor, UIBE, China

Research interests
Public Economics, Development Economics, Family Economics (primary)
Health Economics, Labour Economics (secondary)

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The role of social norms in old-age support: evidence from China


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Intergenerational old-age support within families is an important norm in developing countries, which typically lack comprehensive pension coverage. The transmission mechanism for this norm is potentially influenced by socioeconomic factors internal and external to the family, which the norm may in turn influence. This paper studies the inter-generational transmission of this social norm in China, focusing on the role of gender. The mechanism behind this transmission is that parents, by their provision of support to their own parents, shape their same-gender children's preference for old-age support. Given that the gender ratio of Chinese children is not random, I use an interaction term of the timing of the ban on sex-selective abortions in China and the gender of the first-born child as the instrumental variable for the gender of the children to alleviate the possible endogeneity. The empirical results, using two Chinese datasets, show that parents with more same-gender children provide more support to their ageing parents than parents with cross-gender ones. The father effect is more significant in rural subsamples, and the mother effect is seen mainly in the urban ones. The urban-rural difference in the results may indicate a normative shift accompanying economic and demographic changes. 

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Publications and additional papers

  • The impact of China’s one-child policy on intergenerational and gender relations, joint with Yang Hu. Contemporary Social Science, 2018. DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2018.1448941
  • Measurement of Health Inequality After a Public Insurance Expansion in the United States and China, joint with Joan Costa-Font and Frank Cowell
  • Locked out? China's New Cooperative Medical Scheme and Rural Labour Migration
  • Compulsory Acquisition and Expropriation: Wealth Shocks on Health and Healthcare


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Professor Mark Schankerman 

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Professor Robin Burgess
Professor Frank Cowell
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