Mr Roberto Claudio Sormani

Mr Roberto Claudio Sormani

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, French, Italian
Key Expertise
Psychology & Economics, Development Economics, Experimental Economics

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Economist, Africa Gender Impact Evaluation Unit, World Bank

Research interests
Psychology and Economics, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Development Economics (primary)
Behavioural Public Policy, Organisational Economics (secondary)

Job market paper
Career Choice and Cooperation in a Prosocial Team Task 


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Does the type of career chosen by partners affect willingness to cooperate in a pro-social team activity? Using a lab-on-the-field experiment, this paper shows that agents draw inferences on their partners' motivation from the career path chosen by them, and increase their effort in team production when their partner's career choice reveals higher motivation. In an experiment conducted at the LSE in 2017, subjects were paired up in teams and asked to fill envelopes for an LGBTI charity. Team production was structured in such a way that teammates' effort would be perfectly complementary. Before the task, subjects were given a chance to obtain the full compensation or to volunteer part of it. Subjects who were partnered with a volunteer produced significantly more envelopes than subjects partnered up with a non-volunteer. The effect was highest on the higher quantiles of the distribution of effort and was concentrated among the most driven by the cause. Mediation analysis suggests that the effect is mediated by expectations about one’s partner’s effort. These findings suggest that the composition of teams is an important factor of team production when there are complementarities of production and there is scope for pro-social motivation.

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Placement Officer
Professor Mark Schankerman 

Professor Oriana Bandiera
Professor Nava Ashraf
Professor Maitreesh Ghatak

Professor Oriana Bandiera

Professor Oriana Bandiera
Professor Nava Ashraf 
Dr Marco Hernandez

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