Ms Giulia Giupponi

Ms Giulia Giupponi

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Public Finance, Labour Economics, Applied Microeconomics

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Job Market Placement
Post-doc, Institute for Fiscal Studies, 2019-2020
Assistant Professor, Bocconi University, 2020-

Research interests
Public Finance and Labor Economics (primary)
Applied Microeconomics (secondary)

Job market paper
When Income Effects are Large: Labor Supply Responses and the Value of Welfare Transfers

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The effect of income on labor supply is an important parameter for the evaluation of policies involving income transfers. In this paper, I provide new estimates of the income effect of welfare transfers on labor supply. I leverage novel social security administrative data on the universe of survivor insurance payments in Italy, and useful quasi-experimental variation in the benefits received by surviving spouses on the basis of their spouse’s death date. I implement a regression discontinuity design in spousal death date to identify the effect of unearned income on labor supply, earned income and program substitution. Benefit losses trigger tantamount increases in earned income, implying a marginal propensity to earn out of unearned income of approximately -1. Extensive-margin responses – in the form of both increased labor-market entry at younger ages and delayed retirement at older ages – emerge as the main driving force behind the income response. Program substitution also appears to be a relevant margin of adjustment. I consider alternative explanations for the large income response. Finally, I discuss the normative implications of my findings. I propose a revealed-preference approach to estimate the value of transfers based on participation responses. I demonstrate that large participation responses to realized benefit drops are revealing of large implicit valuations of welfare transfers in the widowhood state, and of substantial welfare gains from more generous survivor insurance.

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Publications and additional papers

  • Giupponi, G. and C. Landais (2018), “Subsidizing Labor Hoarding in Recessions: The Employment and Welfare Effects of Short Time Work”, Working Paper
  • Giupponi, G. and S. J. Machin (2018), “Changing the Structure of Minimum Wages: Firm Adjustment and Wage Spillovers”, CEP Discussion Paper, No. 1533, IZA Discussion Paper No. 11474 and CEPR Discussion Paper, No. 12919. Submitted
  • Datta, N., G. Giupponi and S. J. Machin (2018), “Zero Hours Contracts and Labour Market Policy”, Prepared for the 68th Panel Meeting of Economic Policy (available upon request)
  • Boeri, T., G. Giupponi, A. B. Krueger and S. J. Machin, “Self-employment and Alternative Work Arrangements: A Cross-Country Perspective”, in preparation for the Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • G. Giupponi, “The Value of Zero Hours Contracts”, in progress


Placement Officer
Professor Mark Schankerman

Professor Camille Landais
Professor Jörn-Steffen Pischke

Professor Camille Landais
Professor Jörn-Steffen Pischke
Professor Stephen J. Machin
Professor Tito Boeri 

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