Mr Claudio Schilter

Mr Claudio Schilter

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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Applied Microeconomics

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Post-doc, University of Zurich

Research interests
Applied Microeconomics (primary)
Applied Machine Learning, Economics of Crime, Development Economics (secondary)

Job market paper
Hate Crime after the Brexit Vote: Heterogeneity Analysis based on a Universal Treatment

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I investigate the change in hate crimes targeting the victim's race or religion after the Brexit vote. The vote represents a public information shock about the preferences of insiders regarding outsiders. My results reveal a substantial and transitory increase in such crimes following the vote. The central focus of my analysis is the considerable spatial heterogeneity of this increase. Areas with a greater increase in hate crime are characterized by both a greater immigrant share, and higher income proxies. Differences in unemployment rates do not significantly contribute to the observed variance. More specifically, parsimonious linear prediction models show the shares of recent immigrants and people with formal qualifications as key predictors of the hate crime increase. My findings are consistent with treating the Brexit vote as an update of expected social sanctions to hate offenders. Issues of multiple hypothesis testing and model selection limit the use of classic methods; therefore I apply and adapt recent machine learning methods as well.

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Professor Mark Schankerman

Professor Maitreesh Ghatak

Professor Maitreesh Ghatak 
Professor Tom Kirchmaier
Professor Taisuke Otsu
Dr. Gharad Bryan

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