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Visiting Professors and Academics

This is a list of Visiting Professors and Centennial Professors and of Visiting and Emeritus Academics of the Economics Department.

Visiting Professors and Centennial Professors

photograph of Tony Atkinson

Professor Sir Tony ATKINSON|

Centennial Professor

Associate at STICERD - Public Economics Programme

Contributor to LSE Growth Commission


Email: a.b.atkinson@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.3.34

photograph of David Austen-Smith

Professor David AUSTEN-SMITH|

Visiting Professor of Economics


Email: d.austen-smith@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.4.26


Professor Oliver HART|

Visiting Centennial Professor

photograph of John Kay

Professor John KAY|

Visiting Professor of Economics


Email: j.a.kay@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: c/o 32L.1.28

photograph of Per Krusell

Professor Per KRUSELL|

Centennial Professor


Email: p.krusell@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.1.18

Courses taught: EC442 Macroeconomics for MRes Students|

photograph of Torsten Persson

 Professor Torsten PERSSON|

Centennial Professor


Email: t.persson@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: c/o 32L.1.28

Courses taught: EC540 Political Economy|

photograph of Dani Rodrik

Professor Dani RODRIK|

Centennial Professor


Email: d.rodrik@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: COW 2.13

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7849 4956



Emeritus Academics 

photograph of Lucien Foldes

Professor Lucien P FOLDES|

Emeritus Professor of Economics


Email: l.foldes@lse.ac.uk|

photograph of Richard Layard

Professor Lord Richard Layard|

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Wellbeing Programme Director at CEP


Email: r.layard@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.2.13

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7955 7048 

photograph of Alan Marin

Mr Alan MARIN|

Emeritus Academic


Email: a.marin@lse.ac.uk|

photograph of Christine Whitehead

Professor Christine WHITEHEAD|

Emeritus Professor of Housing Economics

Associate at Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)


Email: c.m.e.whitehead@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: STC.514

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7955 7527



Visiting Academics

photograph of Olivia Birchall


University of London International Programmes Tutor (Economics)


Email: o.i.birchall@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.5.01

photograph of Donald Verry

Dr Donald VERRY

University of London International Programmes Academic Coordinator (Economics)


Email: d.w.verry@lse.ac.uk|

Room number: 32L.1.22

Telephone:+44 (0)20 7955 7502