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Visiting Professors and Academics

This is a list of Visiting Professors and Centennial Professors and of Visiting and Emeritus Academics of the Economics Department.

Visiting Professors and Centennial Professors

photograph of Nava Ashraf


Visiting Professor of Economics


Email: n.ashraf1@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.3.18

photograph of Tony Atkinson

Professor Sir Tony ATKINSON

Centennial Professor

Associate at STICERD - Public Economics Programme

Contributor to LSE Growth Commission


Email: a.b.atkinson@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.3.34


Professor Oliver HART

Visiting Centennial Professor

photograph of John Kay

Professor John KAY

Visiting Professor of Economics


Email: j.a.kay@lse.ac.uk

Room number: c/o 32L.1.28

photograph of Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

Professor Nobu KIYOTAKI

Visiting Professor of Economics


Email: n.kiyotaki@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.1.10

photograph of Per Krusell

Professor Per KRUSELL

Centennial Professor


Email: p.krusell@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.1.19 (Michaelmas Term 2015)


Courses taught:

EC442 Macroeconomics for MRes Students

photograph of Torsten Persson

 Professor Torsten PERSSON

Centennial Professor


Email: t.persson@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.3.14 (Michaelmas Term 2015)


Courses taught:

EC540 Political Economy

photograph of Dani Rodrik

Professor Dani RODRIK

Centennial Professor


Email: d.rodrik@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.3.13



Visiting Fellows

photograph of Koen Jochmans


Visiting Fellow (Michaelmas Term)


Email: k.jochmans@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.4.15

Office hours: Tuesday 10:00-11:00


Courses taught:

EC485 Further Topics in Econometrics
EC518 Topics in Advanced Econometrics for Research Students



Emeritus Academics 

photograph of Meghnad Desai

Professor the Lord Meghnad DESAI

Emeritus Professor of Economics

photograph of Lucien Foldes

Professor Lucien P FOLDES

Emeritus Professor of Economics



photograph of Richard Layard

Professor Lord Richard LAYARD

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Wellbeing Programme Director at CEP


Email: r.layard@lse.ac.uk

Room number: 32L.2.13

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7955 7048 

photograph of Alan Marin


Emeritus Academic


Email: a.marin@lse.ac.uk

photograph of Jim Thomas


Emeritus Reader in Economics

Research Associate at STICERD


Email: j.thomas@lse.ac.uk

photograph of Christine Whitehead

Professor Christine WHITEHEAD

Emeritus Professor of Housing Economics

Associate at Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)


Email: c.m.e.whitehead@lse.ac.uk

Room number: STC.514

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7955 7527