Robin Burgess's papers

The Glittering Prizes: Career incentives and bureaucrat performance
Marianne Bertrand, Robin Burgess, Arunish Chawla, Guo Xu
April 2019

Electricity is not a Right
Robin Burgess, Michael Greenstone, Nicholas Ryan, Anant Sudarshan
March 2019

Social Proximity and Bureaucrat Performance: Evidence from India
Guo Xu, Marianne Bertrand, Robin Burgess
December 2018

Women's empowerment in action: Evidence from a randomised control trial in Africa
Oriana Bandiera, Niklas Buehren, Robin Burgess, Markus Goldstein, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, Munshi Sulaiman
September 2018

Wilderness conservation and the reach of the state: Evidence from national borders in the Amazon [with Appendix]
Robin Burgess, Francisco J M Costa, Benjamin A Olken
July 2018

Tackling youth unemployment: Evidence from a labour market experiment in Uganda
Livia Alfonsi, Oriana Bandiera, Vittorio Bassi, Robin Burgess, Imran Rasul, Munshi Sulaiman, Anna Vitali
December 2017

Weather, climate change and death in India
Robin Burgess, Olivier Deschenes, Dave Donaldson, Michael Greenstone
April 2017

Labor markets and poverty in village economies [with Appendix]
Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Narayan Das, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, Munshi Sulaiman
March 2017

Railroads and the demise of famine in colonial India
Robin Burgess, Dave Donaldson
March 2017

War and deforestation in Sierra Leone [Appendix]
Robin Burgess, Edward Miguel, Charlotte Stanton
September 2015

The value of democracy: Evidence from road building in Kenya [Online appendix]
Robin Burgess, Remi Jedwab, Edward Miguel, Ameet Morjaria, Gerard Padró I Miquel
June 2015

The political economy of deforestation in the tropics [Online Appendix] [Data and programmes]
Robin Burgess, Matthew Hansen, Benjamin Olken, Peter Potapov, Stefanie Sieber
November 2012

Can openness mitigate the effects of weather shocks? Evidence from India's famine era
Robin Burgess, Dave Donaldson
January 2010

The intention to participate in adolescent training programmes: Evidence from Uganda
Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Markus Goldstein, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, Munshi Sulaiman
October 2009

The unequal effects of liberalisation: Evidence from dismantling the License Raj in India
Philippe Aghion, Robin Burgess, Stephen Redding, Fabrizio Zilibotti
December 2007

Do rural banks matter? Evidence from the Indian social banking experiment [Appendix] [Longer version]
Robin Burgess, Rohini Pande
June 2005

Entry liberalisation and inequality in economic performance
Philippe Aghion, Robin Burgess, Stephen Redding, Fabrizio Zilibotti
September 2004

Banking for the poor: Evidence from India
Robin Burgess, Rohini Pande, Grace Wong
September 2004

Can labour regulation hinder economic performance? Evidence from India [Labour Regulation Data appendix, August 2003]
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess
February 2004

Towards a microeconomics of growth
Robin Burgess, Anthony Venables
August 2003

Halving global poverty [Data: Notes on data, Stata do file, Poverty Goals data]
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess
March 2003

Mass media and political accountability
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess, Andrea Prat
February 2002

The political economy of government responsiveness: Theory and evidence from India
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess
January 2002

Modernisation and son preference
Robin Burgess, Juzhong Zhuang
December 2001

Political agency, government responsiveness and the role of the media
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess
October 2000

Land reform, poverty reduction and growth: Evidence from India
Timothy Besley, Robin Burgess
July 1999