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Seminars and Workshops

There are a series of events, seminars and workshops organised by the Department of Economics| and by the research centres: 

Below are all the seminar listings. You can also subscribe to the seminar email lists| for updates and information on each seminar (you will find the link on each seminar page).

A list of the seminars held in past years can be found in the page of each seminar series.


Departments of Economics and Statistics Seminar

Joint Econometrics and Statistics Workshop Series|


Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) Seminars

CEP/CFM/LSE Money-Macro Workshop Series|

CEP/DOM Capabilities, Competition and Innovation Seminar Series|

CEP/LSE International Economics Seminar Series|

CEP/LSE Labour Seminar Series|

CEP International Economics Workshop Series|

CEP Labour Market Workshop Series| 

CEP Special Events|


Suntory and Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD) Seminars

IFS/STICERD Public Economics Seminar Series|

NERA/STICERD Industrial Organisation Seminar Series|

Political Science and Political Economy Research Seminar|

STICERD Econometrics Seminar Series|

STICERD Economic Theory Seminar Series|

STICERD Psychology and Economics Seminar Series|

STICERD-UCL Development and Growth Seminar Series|

STICERD Work in Progress Seminar Series|  


Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) Seminar

Urban and Regional Economics Seminar Series|