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Below you can find the list of contents of Economica's issues from 2016 onwards.


Volume 84 / July 2017 / Issue 335

Economica335Coase Lecture - Taxes, Targets and the Social Cost of Carbon, by Robert S Pindyck

Group Learning, Wage Dispersion and Non-stationary Offers, by Julio J Rotemberg

Death and the Media: Infectious Disease Reporting During the Health Transition, by Dora L Costa and Matthew E Kahn

Baumol's Cost Disease and the Sustainability of the Welfare State, by Torben M Andersen and Claus T Kreiner

Do the Right Thing: Incentives for Policy Selection in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems, by Michela Cella, Giovanna Iannantuoni and Elena Manzoni

The Good, the Bad and the Different: Can Gender Quotas Raise the Quality of Politicians?, by Paulo Júlio and José Tavares

Spacey Parents and Spacey Hosts in Foreign Direct Investment, by Harald Badinger and Peter Egger

Workplace Productivity and Bonus Preferences: Why Do Men With Low Productivity Prefer Individual Pay?, by Gaute Torsvik

Revisiting the Forward Premium Anomaly Using Consumption Habits: A New Keynesian Model, by Bianca De Paoli and Jens Søndergaard

Long-term Interest Rates and Public Debt Maturity, by Roel Beetsma, Massimo Giuliodori and Ieva Sakalauskaite

Volume 84 / April 2017 / Issue 334  Special Issue on Inequality

The issue commemorates Frank Cowell's contribution to Economica as Editor from 1982 to 2015.
issue334page2Economica334Pareto and the Upper Tail of the Income Distribution in the UK: 1799 to the Present, by A B Atkinson

Two Decades of Income Inequality in Britain: The Role of Wages, Household Earnings and Redistribution, by Chris Belfield, Richard Blundell, Jonathan Cribb, Andrew Hood and Robert Joyce

Gender Inequality and Economic Development: Fertility, Education and Norms, by Henrik Kleven and Camille Landais

Wellbeing Inequality and Preference Heterogeneity, by Koen Decancq, Marc Fleurbaey and Erik Schokkaert

On the Share of Inheritance in Aggregate Wealth: Europe and the USA, 1900–2010, by Facundo Alvaredo, Bertrand Garbinti and Thomas Piketty

Pareto Models, Top Incomes and Recent Trends in UK Income Inequality, by Stephen P Jenkins

Inequality with Ordinal Data, by Frank A Cowell and Emmanuel Flachaire

Dynamic Equality of Opportunity, by John E Roemer and Burak Ünveren

Volume 84 / January 2017 / Issue 333

Economica 333Phillips Lecture - The Anatomy of Stagnation in a Modern Economy, by Robert E Hall

Defaults, Decision Costs and Welfare in Behavioural Policy Design, by Nicholas Chesterley

The Importance of Product Reformulation Versus Consumer Choice in Improving Diet Quality, by Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell and Kate Smith

The Design of Vertical R&D Collaborations, by Patrick Herbst and Uwe Walz

Centralised Fiscal Spending by Supranational Unions, by Jenny Simon and Justin Mattias Valasek

Martial Sorting, Inequality and the Role of Female Labour Supply: Evidence from East and West Germany, by Nico  Pestel


Volume 83 / October 2016 / Issue 332

Economica332Recovery from Work and the Productivity of Working Hours, by John Pencavel

Churn Versus Diversion in Antitrust: An Illustrative Model, by Yongmin Chen and Marius Schwartz

Resilient Leaders and Institutional Reform: Theory and Evidence, by Timothy Besley, Torsten Persson and Marta Reynal-Querol

Aid, Catastrophes and the Samaritan's Dilemma, by Paul A Raschky and Manijeh Schwindt

Sale of Visas: a Smuggler's Final Song?, by Emmanuelle Auriol and Alice Mesnard

Assessing Individual Income Growth, by Stephen P Jenkins and Philippe Van Kerm

Role-dependent Social Preferences, by Friedel Bolle and Philipp E Otto

Incentive Provision when Contracting is Costly, by Ola Kvaløy and Trond E Olsen

Volume 83 / July 2016 / Issue 331

Economica331Saints Marching In, 1590-2012, by Robert J Barro and Rachel M McCleary

Subjective Expectations and Income Processes in Rural India, by Orazio Attanasio and Britta Augsburg

Real Rigidities and Nominal Price Changes, by Peter J Klenow and Jonathan L Willis

Growth and Violence: Argument for a Per Capita Measure of Civil War, by Hannes Mueller

Does the Federal Reserve have Private Information about its Future Actions? by Bedri Kamil Onur Taş

'For Richer, For Poorer': Assortative Mating and Savings Preferences, by Luc Arrondel and Nicolas Frémeaux


Volume 83 / April 2016 / Issue 330

Economica330Coase Lecture - Human Capital, Inequality and Tax Reform: Recent Past and Future Prospects, by Richard Blundell              

Why Can Modern Governmen Tax So Much? An Agency Model of Firms as Fiscal Intermediaries, by Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, Claus Thustrup Kreiner and Emmanuel Saez

Shopping Around: How Households Adjusted Food Spending Over the Great Recession, by Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell and Kate Smith

The Rising Postgraduate Wage Premium, by Joanne Lindley and Stephen Machin

Predicateble Recoveries, by Xiaoming Cai, Wouter J. Den Haan and Jonathan Pinder

Intra-industry trade: A Krugman-Ricardo Model and Data, by Kwok Tong Soo

The Impact of Government Debt, Expenditure  and Taxes on Aggregate Investment and   Productivity Growth, by Simone Salotti and Carmine Trecroci

Volume 83 / January 2016 / Number 329

Economica Education as Liberation? by Willa Friedman, Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel and Rebecca Thornton             

A General Equilibrium Analysis of Personal Bankruptcy Law, by Ulf Von Lilienfeld-Toal and Dilip Mookherjee

Information and Enforcement in Informal Credit Markets, by Parikshit Ghosh and Debraj Ray

The Slow Growth of New Plants: Learning about Demand? by Lucia Foster, John Haltiwanger and Chad Syverson

Spatial Asset Pricing: A First Step by François Ortalo-Magné and Andrea Prat

Does Competition Solve the Hold-up Problem? by Leonardo Felli and Kevin Roberts