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Job Market Candidates 2012-2013

Placement Officer: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak
Placement Administrator: Samantha Keenan

Royal Economic Society 2013 PhD Presentation Meeting

Information on 2012/2013 candidates

Congratulations to our candidates who have been placed as follows.

We wish all our candidates good luck in their future careers!


Toni Ahnert

Research Economist at the Bank of Canada (Financial Studies Division)

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Crisis, Coordination, and Contagion"
  • Main Fields: Financial Economics 
  • Secondary Fields: Microeconomics, Banking, Macroeconomics
  • Supervisor:  Dr Margaret Bray
  • Advisor:  Professor Dimitri Vayanos


Michael Boehm

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at the Department of Economics, Bonn University

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Has Job Polarization Squeezed the Middle Class?  Evidence from the Allocation of Talents"
  • Main Fields:  Labour Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Steve Pischke
  • Advisors:  Professor Luis Garicano, Professor Alan Manning, Dr Yona Rubinstein


Anne Brockmeyer

Young Professionals Programme, World Bank

  • Job Market Paper Title: "An Anatomy of the Response to Taxation: Evasion, Avoidance and Investment by UK Firms"
  • Main Fields: Public Finance, Development Economics
  • Supervisors: Professor Robin Burgess, Dr Henrik Kleven


Wenya Cheng

Lecturer in Economics at the University of Manchester

  • Job Market Paper Title: "Tariffs and Employment: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Industry"
  • Main Fields: Labour, Development
  • Supervisor: Professor Alan Manning


Nathan Converse

Economist at the Federal Reserve Board (Global Financial Flows Section)

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Captial Flow Volatility and Maturity Mismatch in Emerging Markets"
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, International Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics, Political Economy
  • Supervisor:  Dr Gianluca Benigno


Francisco Costa

Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Economics, Getulio Vargas Foundation (EPGE/FGV), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • Job Market Paper Title: "Can Rationing Affect Long Run Behaviour? Evidence from Brazil"
  • Main Fields: Environmental/Energy Economics, Development Economics 
  • Secondary Fields: Behavioural Economics, Applied Microeconomics 
  • Supervisors:  Professor Robin Burgess, Dr Gharad Bryan, Professor Gilat Levy


Benjamin Faber

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, UC Berkeley

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Trade Liberalization, the Price of Quality, and Inequality:  Evidence from Mexican Store Prices"
  • Main Fields: International Trade, Development Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Urban Economics, Applied Microeconomics (Secondary)
  • Supervisors:  Professor Robin Burgess, Dr Daniel Sturm


Luca Fornaro

Researcher at Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI) and Adjunct Professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "International Debt Deleveraging"
  • Main Fields:  International Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Christopher Pissarides,Dr Gianluca Benigno


Abhimanyu Gupta

Lecturer at the University of Essex

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Estimation of Higher-Order Spatial Autoregressive Models"
  • Main Fields:  Econometrics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Peter Robinson


Fadi Hassan

Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "The Price of Development"
  • Main Fields: Development Macroeconomics, International Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics, Macroeconomics
  • Supervisors:  Dr Bernardo Guimaraes, Dr Rachel Ngai
  • Advisor: Professor Robert Wade


Sebastian Kodritsch

Post-doctoral Research with a joint appointment at Humboldt University of Berlin and WZB

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "On Time-Inconsistency in Bargaining"
  • Main Fields:  Economic Theory, Psychology and Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Industrial Organisation, Political Economy
  • Supervisor:  Dr Erik Eyster
  • Advisor:  Professor Balazs Szentes


Attakrit Leckcivilize

Post-doctoral Researcher at Institute of Labour Economics, Leibniz Universität Hannover 

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Japanese Tsunami"
  • Research Interests:
    • Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics (Primary)
    • International Economics, Macroeconomics (Secondary)
  • Supervisor:  Professor Alan Manning


Fabio Sanches

Research Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Sao Paulo

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Public Banks Improve Private Banks Performance:  Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Model"
  • Main Fields: Empirical Industrial Organisation, Applied Econometrics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Martin Pesendorfer


Christoph Ungerer

Economist at the European Commission (Greek Economic Adjustment Programme)

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Monetary Policy, Hot Housing Markets and Leverage"
  • Main Fields:  Macroeconomics, Finance, Applied Econometrics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Christopher Pissarides
  • Advisor: Dr Ethan Ilzetzki


Daniel Vernazza

Associate Economist for the CEE Region at Unicredit (London)

  • Job Market Paper Title:  "Does Absolute or Relative Income Motivate Migration?"
  • Main Fields: Labour Economics, Macroeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics, Development Economics
  • Supervisor:  Professor Silvana Tenreyro

Post Doctoral Candidates

Erlend Berg 

Lecturer at the University of Bristol 

      ◾Job Market Paper Title: "Motivating Knowledge Agents: Incentive Pay vs Social
     ◾ Main Fields: Development Economics
     ◾ Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Public 


Thomas Breda 

Institute of Public Policy, Paris School of Economics 

  • Job Market Paper Title: "Stereotypes, Discrimination, and the Gender Gap in 
     Science: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in a French Higher Education 
  • Main Fields: Labour Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Relations
  • Post-doc supervisor: Professor Alan Manning


Qi Zhang 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Growth Centre (IGC), LSE and University of Oxford
Research Officer, Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre), University of Oxford

  • Job Market Paper Title: "Income Distribution and the Price Level: The Balassa- 
     Samuelson Relationship Re-considered" 
  • Main Fields: International Trade, Industrial Organization
  • Secondary Fields: Macro/Monetary Economics