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Job Market Candidates 2007-2008

Placement Officer: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak 

Administrative Support: Mark Wilbor

Information on 2007/2008 candidates

Congratulations to our candidates who have been placed as follows.

We wish all our candidates good luck in their future careers!


Roberto Bonfatti

St John's College, Oxford University: Junior Research Fellow

  • Job Market Paper: "Decolonization: the Role of Changing World Factor Endowments" 
  • Main Fields: Political Economy 
  • Secondary Fields: International Trade, Development Economics, Microeconomics 
  • Supervisors: Professor Tim Besley, Professor Robin Burgess


Hannes Mueller

 Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica (IAE-CSIC): Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Job Market Paper: "Patronage, Meritocracy and Political Competition: Exploring an Empirical Puzzle" 
  • Main Fields: Political Economy 
  • Secondary Fields: Development Economics, Organizational Economics, Contract Theory 
  • Supervisors: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak, Professor Tim Besley


Ralph Ossa

University of Chicago Graduate School of Business: Assistant Professor of Economics

  • Job Market Paper: "A 'New Trade' Theory of GATT/WTO Negotiations" 
  • Main Fields: International Trade
  • Secondary Fields: Economic Development
  • Supervisor: Professor Steve Redding 


Ander Perez

Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Firms' Self-Insurance and the Financial Accelerator" 
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Corporate Finance
  • Supervisor: Dr Kosuke Aoki


Giacomo Rodano

Bank of Italy: Economist

  • Job Market Paper: "Personal Bankruptcy Law and Entrepreneurship: A Quantitative Assessment" 
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, Quantitative Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Development Economics
  • Supervisors: Dr Alex Michaelidis, Professor Maitreesh Ghatak


Carlos Daniel Santos

University of Alicante: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: Recovering the Sunk Costs of R&D: The Moulds Industry Case" 
  • Main Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconometrics
  • Supervisor: Dr John Van Reenen


Sarquis Sarquis

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Brazil): Counsellor
Instituto Rio Branco, Graduate School of Diplomacy (Brazil): Professor of Economics
Ministry of Finance (Brazil): Consultant

  • Job Market Paper: "Interest Rate and Business Cycles in a Credit Constrained Small Open Economy" 
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, International Economics (Macroeconomic Aspects of Trade and Finance), International Finance
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Time Series Econometrics, Economic Growth, International Political Economy
  • Supervisors: Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Professor Francesco Caselli