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Job Market Candidates 2006-2007

Placement Officer: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak 

Administrative Support: Mark Wilbor 

Information on 2006/2007 candidates

Congratulations to our candidates who have been placed as follows.

We wish all our candidates good luck in their future careers!


Benjamin Aleman-Castilla

Institute for Social Security of the State of Mexico and its Municipalities (ISSEMyM): Director of Labour Benefits

  • Job Market Paper: "The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Informality and Wages: Evidence from Mexico" 
  • Main Fields: Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics
  • Secondary Fields: International Economics, Public Economics
  • Supervisor: Professor Alan Manning


Regis Barnichon

 International Monetary Fund: Economist

  • Job Market Paper: "Productivity, Aggregate Demand and Unemployment Fluctuations" 
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Labour Economics
  • Supervisor: Dr Silvana Tenreyro


Mariano Bosch

University of Alicante: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Job Creation and Job Destruction in the Presence of Informal Labour Markets"
  • Main Fields: Macroeconomics, Labour Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Growth, Development Economics
  • Supervisor: Professor Chris Pissarides 


Emmanuel Frot

Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Stockholm School of Economics: Assistant Professor

  • CV
  • Job Market Paper: "Intergenerational Crowding Out"
  • Personal Website
  • Main Fields: Applied Theory
  • Secondary Fields: Public Economics, Development Economics, Environmental Economics
  • Supervisor: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak


Alberto Galasso

University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Broad Cross-License Agreements in the Semiconductor Industry: Waiting to Persuade?" 
  • Main Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory
  • Supervisors: Professor Adrea Prat, Professor Mark Schankerman


Marieke Huysentruyt

Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Stockholm School of Economics: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Contracting for Development: Does Organizational Form Matter?" 
  • Main Fields: Development Economics, Public Economics, Non-Profit Organization
  • Secondary Fields: Behavioural Economics, Organizational Design and Strategy
  • Supervisor: Professor Tim Besley


Masayuki Kudamatsu

Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Has Democratization Reduced Infant Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Mother Fixed Effects Estimation" 
  • Main Fields: Development Economics, Political Economy
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
  • Supervisor: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak


Miguel Sanchez Villalba

University of Alicante: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Anti-Evasion Auditing Policy in the Presence of Common Income Shocks"
  • Main Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Experimental and Behavioural Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Political Economy, Industrial Organization
  • Supervisor: Professor Frank Cowell


Enrico Sette

Bank of Italy: Economist

  • Job Market Paper: "Competing Influence"
  • Main Fields: Microeconomics, Organizational Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Corporate Finance, Financial Economics
  • Supervisor: Professor Antoine Faure-Grimaud


Carlos Thomas

Bank of Spain: Economist

  • Job Market Paper: "Search and Matching Frictions and Optimal Monetary Policy"
  • Main Fields: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Labour Economics
  • Supervisors: Professor Chris Pissarides, Dr Kosuke Aoki


Katrin Tinn

Stockholm School of Economics: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "The speed of technology adoption in imperfectly informed stock markets"
  • Main Fields: Financial Economics, International Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Development Economics, Monetary Economics
  • Supervisors: Dr Margaret Bray, Dr Rachel Ngai


Evangelia Vourvachaki

CERGE-EI: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Information and Communication Technologies in a Multi-Sector Endogenous Growth Model"
  • Main Fields: Economic Growth, Macroeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics
  • Supervisor: Professor Chris Pissarides