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Job Market Candidates 2003-2004

Placement Officer: Professor Maitreesh Ghatak 

Administrative Support: Mark Wilbor 

Information on 2003/2004 candidates

Congratulations to our candidates who have been placed as follows.

We wish all our candidates good luck in their future careers! 

Kumar Aniket

Department of Economics, University of Edinburgh: Temporary Lecturer

  • Job Market Paper: "Sequential Group Lending with Moral Hazard" 
  • Main Fields: Microeconomics, Development Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Information Economics, Macroeconomics
  • Supervisor: Dr Oriana Bandiera


Jordi Blanes i Vidal

Nuffield College, Oxford University: Post-Doctoral Researcher

  • Job Market Paper: "Credibility and Cheap Talk of Securities Analysts: Theory and Evidence" 
  • Main Fields: Information Economics, Financial Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Organization Theory, Contract Theory
  • Supervisor: Dr Andrea Prat


Berta Esteve-Volart

York University, Canada: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Gender Discrimination and Growth: Theory and Evidence from India"
  • Main Fields: Development Economics, Growth, Gender, Applied Microeconomics
  • Secondary Fields: Labor Economics, Political Economy
  • Supervisor: Professor Tim Besley


Maria Guadalupe

Columbia Business School: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper 1: "Does Product Market Competition Increase Wage Inequality?" 
  • Job Market Paper 2: "How Does Product Market Competition Shape Incentive Contracts" (joint with Vicent Cuñat - UPF)
  • Main Fields: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
  • Secondary Fields: Economics of Personnel and Organizations, Microeconomics
  • Supervisor: Professor Stephen Nickell


Dennis Kristensen

Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin: Assistant Professor 

  • Job Market Paper: "Estimation in Two Classes of Semiparametric Diffusion Models" 
  • Main Fields: Econometrics, Empirical Finance
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Asset Pricing
  • Supervisor: Professor Oliver Linton


Stepana Lazarova

Department of Economics, Queen Mary, University of London: Lecturer

  • Job Market Paper: "Testing for Structural Change in Regression with Long Memory Processes" 
  • Main Fields: Econometrics, Time Series Analysis
  • Secondary Fields: Financial Econometrics, Quantitative Methods
  • Supervisor: Professor Javier Hidalgo


Marc Moller

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Sequential Contracting with Externalities"
  • Main Fields: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Contract Theory
  • Secondary Fields: Industrial Organization, Information Economics, Theory of Organizations
  • Supervisor: Professor Michele Piccione


Nikolas Müller-Plantenberg

Department of Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Visiting Lecturer 

  • Job Market Paper: "Long Swings in Japan's Current Account and in the Yen"
  • Main Fields: International Macroeconomics and Finance, Time Series Analysis
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics, Finance
  • Supervisor: Professor Danny Quah


Michele Pillizzari

Bocconi University: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "Do Friends and Relatives Really Help in Getting a Good Job?"
  • Main Fields: Labour Economics, Panel Data Econometrics
  • Secondary Fields: Microeconomics, Microeconometrics
  • Supervisor: Professor Steve Pischke


Silvia Pizzini

Namur University: Assistant Professor

  • Job Market Paper: "The Effect of Women's Rights on Women's Welfare: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"
  • Main Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy
  • Secondary Fields: Development, Public Economics
  • Supervisor: Professor Tim Besley


Kwok Tong Soo

Department of Economics, University of Lancaster: Temporary Lecturer

  • Job Market Paper: "Endogenous Economic Policy and the Structure of Production: Theory and Evidence"
  • Main Fields: International Trade, Economic Geography
  • Secondary Fields: Growth and Development, Political Economy, International Macroeconomics
  • Supervisor: Dr Stephen Redding


Theodora Xenogianni

OECD: Economist

  • Job Market Paper: "Job Satisfaction, Mobility Decisions and Wage Gains by Gender"
  • Main Fields: Labour Economics, Microeconometrics
  • Secondary Fields: Economics of Education, Microeconomics
  • Supervisor: Professor Stephen Nickell