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Working Papers 2014

The Economic History Working Paper Series was launched in 1992. Contributions to the series have been made by members of staff of the Economic History department, academic visitors, and research students. Subject matters have been wide ranging and diverse. We no longer produce printed versions, but some back copies are available on application to the department.

The most recent papers are available online in PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, download it from Adobe|.

  • Nº 212 Epidemic Trade
    Lars Boerner, Battista Severgnini
  • Nº 211 Quakers, Coercion and pre-modern Growth: Why Friends’ Formal Institutions for Contract Enforcement Did Not Matter for Early Atlantic Trade Expansion
    Esther Sahle
  • Nº 210 Sailing Away from Malthus: Intercontinental Trade and European Economic Growth, 1500-1800
    Nuno Palma
  • Nº 209 Longevity and the Rise of the West: Lifespans of the European Elite, 800-1800
    Neil Cummins
  • Nº 208 Housing Affordability during the Urban Transition in Spain
    Juan Carmona Pidal, Markus Lampe, Joan R. Rosés
  • Nº 207 Clarifying Data for Reciprocal Comparisons of Nutritional Standards of Living in England  and the Yangtze Delta (Jiangnan), c.1644 – c.18401
    Kent Deng, Patrick O'Brien
  • Nº 206 How They Made News Pay: News Traders’ Quest for Crisis-Resistant Business Models
    Gerben Bakker
  • Nº 205 Reverse Assimilation? Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market During the Great Depression
    Kris Inwood, Chris Minns, Fraser Summerfield
  • Nº 204 Was the Gibson Paradox for real? A Wicksellian study of the relationship between interest rates and prices
    Jagjit S Chadha, Morris Perlman
  • Nº 203 The internationalization of economic history: A puzzle
    Johan Fourie, Leigh Gardner
  • Nº 202 African Economic Growth In A European Mirror: A Historical Perspective
    Stephen Broadberry and Leigh Gardner
  • Nº 201 Discovering Economic History in Footnotes: the Story of Tŏng Tàishēng Merchant Archive (1790-1850) and the Historiography of Modern China
    Debin Ma, Weipeng Yuan
  • Nº 200 Soft Power: The Media Industries in Britain since 1870
    Gerben Bakker 
  • Nº 189 American Tariff Policy and The British Alkali Industry, 1880-1905
    Brian Varian
  • Nº 188 Medical Care in Early Modern Venice
    Alex Bamji
  • Nº 187 The Political Economy of Byzantium: Transaction Costs and the Decentralisation of the Byzantine Empire in the Twelfth Century
    Richard Knight
  • Nº 186 Business fluctuations in Imperial Austria's regions, 1867-1913: new evidence
    Carlo Ciccarelli, Anna Missiaia
  • Nº 185  Medical Revolutions? The growth of medicine in England, 1660-1800
    Teerapa Pirohakul, Patrick Wallis