Professor Stephen Broadberry

Professor in Economic History

Research Interests

Global Economic history, including:

  • International comparisons of productivity performance since 1870
  • The Great Divergence of productivity and living standards between Europe and Asia
  • Historical national accounting
  • Wars and economic performance.
  • Macroeconomic history


Current teaching

  • EH101 The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the Present Day
  • EH424 - The British Economy in Global Perspective, 1000-2000 (Half Unit)
  • EH483 The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th century


  • Editor, with Phillipp Schofield and Jaime Reis, of the Economic History Review
  • Research Theme Leader, CAGE, University of Warwick
  • Director, Economic History Programme, CEPR
  • Han Christian Andersen Professor, University of Southern Denmark



  • British Economic Growth, 1270-1870, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming, December 2014) (with Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton and Bas van Leeuwen).
  • The British Economy Between the Wars: A Macroeconomic Survey, Oxford: Blackwell (1986), pp.180+vii.
  • Britain in the International Economy 1870-1939, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (1992), pp.426+xiv, (edited with Crafts, N.F.R.).
  • The Productivity Race: British Manufacturing in International Perspective, 1850-1990, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (1997), pp.451 + xxv. Also available in Chinese translation, China Economics Publishing House (2001).
  • The Economics of World War I, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2005), pp.345 + xvi, (edited with Harrison, M.).
  • Market Services and the Productivity Race, 1850-2000: Britain in International Perspective, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2006, pp.409 + xix).
  • The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe, (2 volumes), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2010), (edited with Kevin O'Rourke).

Selected Other Publications

  • “Aggregate Supply in Interwar Britain”, Economic Journal, 96 (1986): 467-481.
  • “Britain's Productivity Gap in the 1930s: Some Neglected Factors”, Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992): 531-558, (with Crafts, N.F.R.).
  • “Manufacturing and the Convergence Hypothesis: What the Long Run Data Show”, Journal of Economic History, 53 (1993): 772-795.
  • “Technological Leadership and Productivity Leadership in Manufacturing Since the Industrial Revolution: Implications for the Convergence Debate”, Economic Journal, 104 (1994): 291-302.
  • “Comparative Productivity in British and American Manufacturing During the Nineteenth Century”, Explorations in Economic History, 31 (1994): 521-548.
  • “How did the United States and Germany Overtake Britain? A Sectoral Analysis of Comparative Productivity Levels, 1870-1990”, Journal of Economic History, 58 (1998): 375-407.
  • “External Economies of Scale in the Lancashire Cotton Industry, 1900-1939”, Economic History Review, 55 (2002): 51-77, (with Marrison, A.)
  • “From the Counting House to the Modern Office: Explaining Anglo-American Productivity Differences in Services, 1870-1990”, Journal of Economic History, 62 (2002): 967-998, (with Ghosal, S.)
  • “Relative per capita Income Levels in the United Kingdom and the United States since 1870: Reconciling Time Series Projections and Direct Benchmark Estimates”, Journal of Economic History, 63 (2003): 852-863.
  • “UK Productivity Performance from 1950 to 1979: A Restatement of the Broadberry-Crafts View”, Economic History Review, 56 (2003): 718-735, (with Crafts, N.F.R.).
  • “Explaining Anglo-German Productivity Differences in Services Since 1870”, European Review of Economic History, 8 (2004): 229-262. Awarded the Laureano Figuerola Prize for the best article published in the European Review of Economic History in the preceding two years.
  • “The Early Modern Great Divergence: Wages, Prices and Economic Development in Europe and Asia, 1500-1800”, Economic History Review, 59 (2006), 2-31, (with Bishnupriya Gupta).
  • “Labor Productivity in the United States and the United Kingdom During the Nineteenth Century”, Explorations in Economic History, 43 (2006), 257-279, (with Douglas Irwin).
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  • “Resolving the Anglo-German Industrial Productivity Puzzle, 1895-1935: A Response to Professor Ritschl”, Journal of Economic History, 68 (2008), 930-934 (with Carsten Burhop).
  • “Lancashire, India and Shifting Competitive Advantage in Cotton Textiles, 1700-1850: The Neglected Role of Factor Prices”, Economic History Review, 62 (2009), 279-305 (with Bishnupriya Gupta).
  • “The Historical Roots of India’s Service-Led Development: A Sectoral Analysis of Anglo-Indian Productivity Differences, 1870-2000”, Explorations in Economic History, 47 (2010), 264-278 (with Bishnupriya Gupta).
  •  “Real Wages and Labour Productivity in Britain and Germany, 1871-1938: A Unified Approach to the International Comparison of Living Standards”, Journal of Economic History, 70 (2010), 400-427 (with Carsten Burhop).
  • “When and Why did Eastern European Economies begin to Fail?: Lessons from a Czechoslovak/UK Productivity Comparison, 1921-1991”, Explorations in Economic History, 48 (2011), 37-52 (with Alexander Klein).
  • “Asia in the Great Divergence: Editors’ Introduction”, Economic History Review, 64 (2011), 1-7 (with Steve Hindle).
  • “When Did Britain Industrialise? The Sectoral Distribution of the Labour Force and Labour Productivity in Britain, 1381-1851”, Explorations in Economic History, 50 (2013), 16-27 (with Bruce Campbell and Bas van Leeuwen).
  • “Introduction: The Renaissance of African Economic History”, Economic History Review, 67 (2014), 893-906, (with Gareth Austin).
  • “India and the Great Divergence: An Anglo-Indian Comparison of GDP per capita, 1600-1871”, Explorations in Economic History, (forthcoming, available online early), (with Johann Custodis and Bishnupriya Gupta).

 Papers Currently Available in Draft Form

  • "British Economic Growth, 1270-1870: An Output -based Approach" (with Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton and Bas van Leeuwen).
  • Link to pdf here | Link to appendix | Link to database
  • Aggregate And Per Capita GDP In Europe, 1870-2000: Continental, Regional And National Data With Changing Boundaries
  • Link to pdf here |  Link to datasheet here
  • “Accounting for the Great Divergence”.
  • Link to pdf here
  • “Japan and the Great Divergence, 725-1874”, (with Jean-Pascal Bassino, Kyoji Fukao, Bishnupriya Gupta and Masanori Takashima).
  • Link to pdf here
  • “How did Japan Catch-up on the West? A Sectoral Analysis of Anglo-Japanese Productivity Differences, 1885-2000”, (with Kyoji Fukao and Nick Zammit).
  • Link to pdf here
  • “China, Europe and the Great Divergence: A Study in Historical National Accounting”, (with Hanhui Guan and David Daokui Li).
  • Link to pdf here
  • "Economic Development in Africa and Europe: Reciprocal Comparisons", (with Leigh Gardner).
  • Link to pdf here
  • “British Business Cycles, 1270-1870” (with Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton and Bas van Leeuwen).
  • Link to pdf here






Stephen Broadberry