Professor Mary Morgan

Professor of History and Philosophy of Economics

Research and Teaching Interests

  • History, philosophy and sociology of economics and statistics.
  • Models, measurements, observations and facts in history and philosophy of science.

Current and Recent Research Projects

  1. British Academy Wolfson Research Professorship project: Re-Thinking Case Studies Across the Social Sciences
  2. Leverhulme Trust / ESRC project:  "How well do 'facts' travel?" (a group project of the Department of Economic History)
  3. Observation in economics: joint work with the University of Amsterdam's History and Philosophy of Economics Research Group and the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin. 


Current Teaching

  • Currently on leave (2015-6)


 Working Papers and Publications

Selected Recent Publications

  • "Models" (2008) in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, eds: S.N. Durlauf and L.E. Blume (Palgrave Macmillan), online.
  • "An Analytical History of Measuring Practices: The Case of Velocities of Money" inMeasurement in Economics: A Handbook, ed M. Boumans (Elsevier), 2007, pp 105-132. Working Paper 13, "The Nature of Evidence: How well do 'Facts' Travel?" project, Department of Economic History, LSE
  • "The Curious Case of the Prisoner's Dilemma: Model Situation? Exemplary Narrative?" (2007) in A. Creager, M. Norton Wise, and E. Lunbeck Science Without Laws: Model Systems, Cases, Exemplary Narratives, (Duke University Press) pp 157-85.
  • "Economic Man as Model Man: Ideal Types, Idealization and Caricatures" (2006)Journal of the History of Economic Thought 28:1, March, pp 1-27.
  • "Experiments Versus Models: New Phenomena, Inference and Surprise" (2005)Journal of Economic Methodology, 12:2, 317-29.
  • "Simulation: The Birth of a Technology to Create "Evidence" in Economics" (2004) Revue d'Histoire des Sciences, 57:2, 341-77.
  • "Imagination and Imaging in Economic Model-building" (2004) Philosophy of Science, 71:5, 753-66.
  • "The Secrets Hidden by Two-Dimensionality: The Economy as a Hydraulic Machine" (2004) with Marcel Boumans in Models: The Third Dimension of Science eds: S. de Chadarevian and N. Hopwood, Stanford University Press) pp 369-401. [Originally, 1998, University of Amsterdam, Research Memorandum No 98.2]
  • "Economics" (2003) in The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 7: The Modern Social Sciences, editors: T. Porter and D. Ross (Cambridge University Press, pp275-305)
  • "Experiments Without Material Intervention: Model Experiments, Virtual Experiments and Virtually Experiments" (2003) [University of Amsterdam Research Memorandum (2000)] in The Philosophy of Scientific Experimentationed H. Radder, University of Pittsburgh Press, pp 261-35.
  • "Timing History: The Introduction of Graphical Analysis in 19th Century British Economics" (2002) with Harro Maas, Revue d'Histoire des Sciences Humaines,7, 97-127
  • "Model Experiments and Models in Experiments" (2002) in Model-Based Reasoning: Science, Technology, Values eds L. Magnani and N.J. Nersessian (Kluwer Academic/Plenum, pp. 41-58
  • "Models, Stories and the Economic World" (2001) Journal of Economic Methodology 8:3, 361-84; Reprinted in Fact and Fiction in Economics (2002) ed U. Mäki (Cambridge University Press, pp 178-201) [Research Memorandum in History and Methodology of Economics, University of Amsterdam, 1999].