Dr Kent Deng

Associate Professor (Reader) in Economic History

The rise of the literati in the economic life of pre-modern China; the maritime economic history of pre-modern China; the economic role of the Chinese peasantry.

Research projects

  • Developmental deadlock of the Chinese premodern economy
  • Long-term demography of premodern China
  • Early modern railway development in China
  • Chinese fiscal state and its impact on the economy



  • EH327 China's Traditional Economy and its Growth in the Very Long-Term
  • EH482 'Pre-modern Path of Growth: East and West Compared, c1000-1800/1900' (jointly with Dr. R. Grafe), full unit.
  • EH486 'Shipping and Sea Power in Asian Waters c1600-1860', (half unit)



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  Contributions: chapters

  • 2010:  'Why Shipping Declined in China from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century', in Shipping Efficiency and Economic Growth, 13501800, ch. 8. Publisher: Brill Press
  • 2009:    Evoluzione sociale di Taiwan e Hong Kong in epoca contemporanea'(The evolution of Chinese society in Taiwan and Hong Kong), in  La Cina, a cura di Maurizio Scarpari, Verso la modernità  , vol. 3, ch. 6.
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Conference papers


  • London “Squeezed Lemon: Manchuria under Japanese and Soviet Colonisation, 1928-1946”, ‘The role of Government in Colonial Economies and the Impact of the Transition to Independence’, HEDG, the Economic History Society and the SOAS Faculty Research Fund, 4 –5th June, 2010, SOAS.
  • Stanford “Song-Qing China: From an Anti-Fiscal State to a Fiscal State?” Fiscal Regimes and the Political Economy of Early States, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and Department of Classics, 25–7 May, Stanford University.
  • Rome “Rediscovering History in Management Research” (Keynote panel of the Plenary Session), the 10th EURAM Annual Conference, 19th – 22nd May, Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy.
  • Graz “Silver Trade in Ming-Qing China, China’s Economy and Globalisation from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries”. Globalization: Past, Present and Future, University of Graz, 29th–30th January, 2010, Austria.

Seminar papers


  • Bologna "The Qing State Management and the Chinese Economy", Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali, Università di Bologna, Italy.
  • Sydney "The Decline of China's Sea Power, 1300 to 1800", Department of Politics and Modern History, Macquarie University, 23rd April, 2010
  • Sydney "What Made China Changed, 1949 to 2009", Asian Studies, Macquarie University, 23rd April, 2010.
  • Newcastle "Pattern of China's Long-term Growth Performance, 1800 to 2000". Faculty of Business and Law, the University of Newcastle, 16th April, 2010.
  • Brisbane "Re-thinking the Role of Silver in Ming-Qing China and beyond: Domestic Monetisation and Early Globalisation?" School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, Queensland University, 14th April, 2010.
  • Melbourne "China's Pattern: from Low Growth to Miracle Growth and Its Sustainability in the 21st Century", School of Economics and Finance, La Trobe University, 31st March, 2010.
  • Melbourne "State-building as the Prime Mover from Confucianism to Leninism in China, 1800–2000". Confucian Institute, the University of Melbourne, 30th March, 2010.
  • Oxford "Was China the Engine for Early Globalisation? Silver Flow and Early Globalisation". Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar Series, St. Cross College, 1st March 2010, Oxford.