Professor Colin Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Latin American Economic History 

Colin M. Lewis holds a PhD in Economic History from the University of Exeter, where he was supervised by Christopher (DCM) Platt. He is an Honorary Professorial Fellow of the Institute of the Americas, University College, London, an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London, and an overseas member of the Argentinian Academy of History.  He is a member of the editorial boards of Estudios de Sociologia and Historia Económica + Historia de Empresa. His major periods of field research have been spent in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife, though he has made brief field trips to Antofagasta, Lima and Santiago de Chile.

Colin has held visiting professorships and/or taught at the Federal Universities of Pernambuco and Minas Gerais, the University of São Paulo, and the State University of São Paulo (Araraquara) in Brazil, and at the Economics Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires and Tres de Febrero in the Argentine.  He has attended conferences and given guest lectures elsewhere in Latin America, principally Colombia and Mexico, and visited most South American countries.  In addition, he has taught short courses about Latin American Economic History and/or Latin American Development at the universities of Augsburg, Beijing, JNU (New Delhi), La Rábida, Osaka, Oviedo, Oxford, and University College, London.  Apart from research interests, during visits to the continent, he has developed an enthusiasm for nineteenth-century railway engineering, the work of Frida Kahlo, forró, the music of Magaldi, canoeing in the Amazon, and un buen mate.



Principal recent and on-going research interests include the political economy of development and state-formation, fiscal and monetary history, social policy and welfare, industrial growth and industrialisation, and Latin American business history - particularly the role of British investment and enterprises in the Argentine and Brazil. 

Current projects

  • Development, Nationalism and Dependence: British Business in the Argentine since 1870 
  • A Historical Dictionary of Argentina



Latin America, Economic Imperialism and the State: the political economy of the external connection since Independence (with C. Abel, eds.), (London 2015) 

Lewis -ArgRlys

British Railways in Argentina, 1857-1914: a case study of foreign investment (London 2015).

Monographs and Edited Books

  • British Railways in Argentina, 1857-1914: a case study of foreign investment (London 2015).
  • Latin America, Economic Imperialism and the State: the political economy of the external connection since Independence (with C. Abel, eds.), (London 2015) 
  • Argentina: A Short History (London 2002).
  • Exclusion and Engagement: Social Policy in Latin America (with C. Abel, eds.), (London 2002).
  • The New Institutional Economics and Third World Development, (with J. Harriss and J. Hunter, eds.),  (London 1995, 1997). 
  • Welfare, Poverty and Development in Latin America (with C Abel, eds.),  (London 1993).
  • Argentina in the Crisis Years (1983-1990) (with N. Torrents, eds.),  (London 1993).

Articles, chapters, and contributions

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