Dr Chris Minns

Associate Professor, Economic History

Research Interests

  • North American economic history; labour market history, particularly migration and education; price history

Current Research Projects

  • Apprenticeship in pre-modern England
  • Wages, work time, and labour market regulation in international perspective
  • The emergence of national markets in Canada, 1870-1940
  • Schooling and school finance in Canada, 1871-1971


Current Teaching

  • on leave 2016/17
  • "The Times they are not changin': days and hours of work in Old and New Worlds, 1870-2000" (with Michael Huberman). Explorations in Economic History  44 (2007), 538-567.
  • "The costs of doing hard time: a penitentiary based regional price index for Canada, 1883-1923." (with Mary MacKinnon).  Canadian journal of economics  40 (2007), 528-560.
  • "Immigration policy and the skills of Irish immigrants: evidence and implications."  Journal of the statistical and social inquiry society of Ireland 34(158th session) (2005), 82-114.
  • "Conspicuous by their absence: French Canadians and the settlement of the Canadian West," (with Alan Green and Mary MacKinnon).  Journal of economic history 65 (2005), 822-849.
  • "The spirit of capitalism?  Ethnicity, religion, and self-employment in early 20th century Canada," (with Marian Rizov).  Explorations in economic history 42(2005), 259-281.
  • "Dominion or Republic? British immigrants to North America, 1870-1910," (with Alan Green and Mary MacKinnon). Economic history review 55 (2002), 666-696.
  • "Income, cohort effects, and occupational mobility: a new look at immigration to the United States at the turn of the twentieth century."  Explorations in economic history 37 (2000), 326-350.