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Week beginning 28 September

Wednesday 30 September



  • Room:  tbc
  • Time: 1-2.30pm



  • Room: tbc
  • Time: 5-6.30pm


Economic History of the interwar period
May 8-9, NAB 2.06, LSE.

A group of PhD students from the LSE Economic History Department will be hosting a two-day workshop with the support of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) on the economic history of the interwar period on May 8-9 in room NAB2.06 at LSE.

The keynote speakers will be Prof Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley) and Prof Albrecht Ritschl (LSE) .

Everybody is welcome to attend, however, due to our limited budget, refreshments will be available to speakers only.

Click here for the programme and more information

 The Epstein Lecture 2015

Jessica Goldberg

Title: "Re-considering risk and the ‘Maghribī traders’: Business organization and the economy in the eleventh-century Mediterranean "

Date and time: 6-7.30pm 26 February 2015

Venue: Old Theatre