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Conferences and Lectures

Interwar Economic History Workshop

  • Venue: New Academic Building,  NAB2.06, London School of Economics,
  • Dates: 8-9 May 2015

A two day workshop on the economics of the interwar years, with a keynote addresses from Barry Eichengreen,(UC Berkeley), and Professor Albrecht Ritschl (Economic History Department, LSE)


Trading Medicines: The Global Drug Trade in Perspective
Date: 10 January 2014
Organisers: Clare Griffin (Cambridge) and Patrick Wallis (LSE) 

This half-day workshop examines the supply and reception of medical drugs during the creation of an early modern global market from the sixteenth through to the eighteenth centuries. It addresses a key question in the history of medicine: how did early modern globalisation impact medicine in Europe?

The workshop explores developments across various European nations, their empires, and global trading networks. Papers will focus on the broad sweep of medical commodities that were exchanged, taking a long view and considering as many different substances as possible, in order to build a big picture of developments across the early modern period.

For the programme, click here.|

Supported by the Wellcome Trust, the Economic History Society, and the Royal Historical Society.

The Theory and Practice of Measurement: Perspectives from Economic History and the History and Philosophy of Economics Date: 4-5 September 2013
Venue: New Academic Building 206.LSE
 Clio and HPPE Seminars, Department of Economic History, LSE

Anna Missiaia a.missiaia@lse.ac.uk|; Raphaelle Schwarzberg r.schwarzberg@lse.ac.uk|; Gerardo Serra g.serra@lse.ac.uk|; Peter Sims p.sims@lse.ac.uk|

The conference celebrates one year of the parallel running of Clio and H.P.P.E., the two student-run seminars of the LSE Department of Economic History.

Clio, currently convened by Anna Missiaia and Peter Sims, started running in 2006 and since then has brought to the LSE the experience of many scholars in the field of cliometric analysis. HPPE (Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Economics), convened by Raphaelle Schwarzberg and Gerardo Serra, started running in 2012, in order to provide a platform to discuss the latest research in the history and philosophy of economics.

Measurement is a practice that largely characterises the way in which we think about economic issues and a theme of common interest for cliometric practitioners and historians and philosophers of the social sciences. The conference provides a rare occasion of exchange and interaction between these scientific communities on a theme of vital importance for a correct understanding of the past.

European Historical Economics Society Conference

6-7 September 2013, LSE