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Modern and Comparative Seminars 2013-4

  •  Room: KSW G.01 
  • Time: 5-7pm



10 October


17 October

24 October

  • Philip Slavin (University of Kent):
  • “War, Ecocide and Economic Crisis in early fourteenth-century British Isles”

31 October

  • Jeremiah Dittmar (LSE)
  • "New Media, Institutions, and Economic Change: Evidence from the Protestant Reformation"

7 November

  • Tim Hatton (Australian National University)
  • “Health, Height and the Household at the Turn of the 20th Century”

14 November

  • Rowena Gray (Essex)
  • "Rents and Welfare in the Second Industrial Revolution: Evidence from New York City"



21 November

28 November

  • Joan Roses (LSE)
  • “The Swedish Recovery from the Great Depression: A disaggregated perspective” (with Kerstin Enflo)

5 December

  • Pilar Nogues-Marco (Universidad Carlos III Madrid)
  • “Euro-asian globalisation in the early modern period (1664-1820s): trade boom or price convergence?”

12 December

  • Christiaan van Bochove (Radboud Universiteit)
  • "Ferries and Finance: The Financial Infrastructure of the Dutch Republic"

January 16


January 23


January 30

  • Neil Cummins (LSE)
  • An Economic History of Europe’s Nobility, 230BC-2014: The Origins of the Mortality Revolution”February 6

February 6


February 13


February 20

  • Blanca Sanchez-Alonso (Universidad CEU-San Pablo Madrid)


February 27

March 6: Epstein Lecture 2014
  • Speaker:  Ewout Frankema (Wageningen)
  • Is Africa Growing out of Poverty? Time: 6-7.30pm Venue:  NAB.2.04 (New Academic Building)  


March 13

  • Professor Albrecht Ritschl (LSE)
  • “Financial Crises and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from a Narrative VAR for the US Great Depression”.

March 20

  • Jessica Bean (Denison)
  • Intergenerational Labor Supply in Interwar London 



May 1


May 8

  • Eoin McLaughlin  
  • 'Sovereign Default in Ireland, 1932'


May 15

  • Richard Von Glahn
  • Modalities of the Fiscal State in Imperial China


May 22

  • "Inclined plan(e)s. The business projects of Pierre Samuel and Irénée Dupont de Nemours (1797-1802)".
  • Martin Giraudeau (LSE, Dept of Accounting)


May 29

  • cancelled

June 5



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