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Forthcoming seminars

Economic History Seminar

Thursday 8 June

  • Ron Harris (Tel Aviv University)
  • Title: Three Trade Institutions, Three Paths of Migration: Sea Loan,  Funduq/Caravanserai, and Commenda
  • Room: 32L.LG.03  

Epstein Lecture 2017

May 10 2017, 6.30pm

Venue: 32L LG04

Dr Kerstin Enflo of Lund University will give the department's annual lecture in memory of Professor Stephan 'Larry' Epstein.

Her lecture, 'Failed towns? Urbanisation and agricultural surplus in Sweden 1570-1810' analyses the causal link between agricultural surplus and urbanisation.  The Chair will be Simona Iammarino, Head of Department of Geography, LSE.

The lecture is followed by a reception at The Bean Counter to which all are welcome.