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Week beginning 15 February 2016 

Wednesday 17 February


  • Nicolas Wuethrich
  • The puzzle of the persistence of non-robust toy models
  • Room: Tower 2, 2.03
  • Time: 1-2.30pm



Thursday 18 February 

Economic History 

  • No seminar (Reading Week)


"Too much maths, too little history: The problem of Economics" 
Tuesday 24th November, 7pm - 8.30pm,  (doors open 6.30pm)
Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Proposition Team: Lord Robert Skidelsky, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang
Opposition Team: Professor Jörn-Steffen Pischke, Professor Francesco Caselli
Chair: Professor James Foreman-Peck

The LSE Economic History Department is proud to host a debate that critically re-evaluates the relationship between Economics and Economic History.

As one of the few academic departments world-wide devoted wholly to the study of Economic History, we encourage our students and academics alike to constantly critically appraise the methodologies used to explain how our world works. Do we use the theoretical and econometric method to create models and distil the complexities of human nature to efficiently test hypotheses? Or do we use the historical and empirical process of considering all factors to provide a more holistic explanation?

This debate also offers an opportunity to explore the fact that Economics is an art as much as a science. Whilst Economics does heavily rely on the use of assumptions, simplifications and models to produce measurable results, it is far from static. Economics is also a craft about choosing the relevant models applicable to the circumstances. Indeed, history can play a critical role here.



 The Epstein Lecture 2015

Jessica Goldberg

Title: "Re-considering risk and the ‘Maghribī traders’: Business organization and the economy in the eleventh-century Mediterranean "

Date and time: 6-7.30pm 26 February 2015

Venue: Old Theatre