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Seminars, Conferences and Events


Week beginning 2 March

Wednesday 4 March

  • Jim Thomas
  • Ronald Coase and the London School of Economics 1920s-1940s
  • Room:  EAS.E168. 
  • Time: 1-2.30pm


  • Miguel Laborda-Peman, Utrecht University
  • Cities, Communes and Families. Explaining the Rise of Craft Guilds in Northern Italy and the Low Countries, 1000-1750~
  • Room: KSW.1.04
  • Time: 5-6.30pm


Thursday  5 March

  • Tine de Moor (Utrecht)
  • “Because family and friends got easily weary of taking care". Explaining the specialisation in elderly care arrangements in early modern Holland
  • Room: KSW G.01
  • Time: 5-7pm



 The Epstein Lecture 2015

  • Jessica Goldberg
  • Title: "Re-considering risk and the ‘Maghribī traders’: Business organization and the economy in the eleventh-century Mediterranean "
  • Date and time: 6-7.30pm 26 February 2015
  • Venue: Old Theatre