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Seminars, Conferences and Events


Week beginning 11 May

Tuesday 12 May

  • HPPE Summer Workshop: Economists from 1780 to 1980: Observing and configuring the economy 
  • Full programme here

Contact Tobias Vogelgsang for more information: t.vogelgsang@lse.ac.uk|

Wednesday  13 May


  • Thilo Huning, Humboldt-University Berlin 
  • How Britain unified Germany: Geography and the rise of Prussia after 1815
  • Room: KSW.1.04
  • Time: 5-6.30pm


Thursday 14 May

  • Bernard Harris, (Strathclyde) and Andrew Hinde,
  • “Sanitary Reform and the Decline of Mortality in England and Wales, 1850-1914”
  • Room: KSW G.01
  • Time: 5-7pm


Economic History of the interwar period
May 8-9, NAB 2.06, LSE.

A group of PhD students from the LSE Economic History Department will be hosting a two-day workshop with the support of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) on the economic history of the interwar period on May 8-9 in room NAB2.06 at LSE.

The keynote speakers will be Prof Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley) and Prof Albrecht Ritschl (LSE) .

Everybody is welcome to attend, however, due to our limited budget, refreshments will be available to speakers only.

 The Epstein Lecture 2015

  • Jessica Goldberg
  • Title: "Re-considering risk and the ‘Maghribī traders’: Business organization and the economy in the eleventh-century Mediterranean "
  • Date and time: 6-7.30pm 26 February 2015
  • Venue: Old Theatre